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Complete List of Shows...

This is more for my reference than anything... While most people put up a list of movies that they've seen, I haven't seen a movie in a theater for years... live theatre, however, is a particular passion of mine. So, the following is a complete list of shows that I've seen so far (and the number of times I've seen each show...) (Last updated: Dec 30, 2013)

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Performers I Have Seen in More Than One Show (Role)

Tony Winners I've Seen Perform in the roles/shows for which they won the award...

This post will stay at the top of my journal and get updated whenever I see a new show. It's also here as glaring proof that I really have NO LIFE. ;)

Please scroll past this to see my recent entries. :)
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Thomas & Sheri - 2012 ODC

My Favorite Theatre Moments of 2013

I know I have been HORRIBLE about keeping up with LJ, but I did want to recap my favorite theatre experiences of the year. These were chosen not because they were the best shows of the year, nor are these the ones that have gotten the most recognition (though they all got EXCELLENT reviews...), but these are the moments that I've experienced in the theatre this year that have affected me greatly and will stay with me for a VERY LONG time.

My Favorite Theatre Moments of 2013

  • Thomas Sadoski reprising his role as Greg in "Reasons to be Happy" at UCLA in Dec, 2013

  • Thomas' performance was incredibly heartbreaking, SO hilarious, and just AMAZING to see! He'd become a favorite stage actor of mine after seeing his performance in the original "Reasons to be Pretty" production on Broadway in 2008, but the sequel gave him SO MUCH great material, that the moment that he opened his mouth and the production began, I knew that the trip out to see his performance was completely worth it! Of course, I love him in THE NEWSROOM, but I truly feel he belongs on the stage -- and seeing his performance that night was further proof of that! I also loved the staged reading format of the show, it allowed us to see his raw talent without any distractions, which I really appreciated. It made the performance more personal and intimate, in a way. His was the best performance I'd seen all year,... and possibly one of the best OF ALL TIME.

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Here's to a 2014 filled with as many, if not more, wonderful theatre experiences! :)
Doug Hodge - Tony 2

Idea stolen from alligatorandme...

...from something she mentioned a LONG time ago. This is something I've been meaning to keep for my own reference.

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As you can see, only recently have I really started seeing straight plays... I used to be strictly into musicals whenever I went to NYC. I hope to increase this list soon. :)
Doug Hodge - Scolds Bridle

My Favorite Things of 2012...

I know... It's been a LONG time since I've updated this thing. Between work, traveling, web work, more traveling... I've been a bit overwhelmed...

Wanted to do a quick re-cap of the year...

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It's been a GLORIOUS 2012 filled with WONDERFUL, wonderful moments!! Hope you all had a lovely 2012 as well! :) <3
Santino Fontana

Not sure why this keeps deleting... I swear, I just want to update this.

(Copied exactly how it was in the original entry...)

I stole this from alligatorandme MANY years ago and have been updating it whenever I can remember... I've had to reconstruct the list a couple of times after my home was robbed, but I think this is pretty accurate.

What's kind of ridiculous is that within the eight years I have been traveling to see theatre, I have seen Kevin in 27 different productions, 8 concerts, and numerous, numerous repeats of the productions mentioned below...

And for some reason, though I don't do it intentionally, I'm always catching James Barbour in some kind of production.

(Last Edited: Oct 1, 2013)

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Matthew - B&amp;S 01

YEARS late, but WTH... I'm always late.

So I've been VERY addicted to Brothers & Sisters recently... and if you know me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I've been talking about it A LOT lately - I think, in part, because I'm SO surprised that I like it so much.

When the series first began, I watched the pilot and tried so hard to like it... I'd just come off of watching (and loving) Six Feet Under and was really looking for another show to watch. But after watching the pilot, I felt like B&S was just a watered down, network censored version of SFU and I really wasn't in to it...

Over the years I've heard people talking about the show, about Kevin & Scotty, Kevin & Jason, etc. and though it did peak my interest, I still didn't really feel like watching it. I saw some scenes (I think the K&S lobster scene) but I never felt the need to watch anything more. I even watched an episode live (it was the episode in which Robert has a heart attack...) and still I didn't really care for it.

It wasn't until just recently that I started watching it... REALLY watching it and... HELL, I love it. Yes, the Kevin & Scotty stuff drew me in initially, but I LOVE the writing so much! It's SO witty and real and the characters are SOOOO amazingly fleshed out. They're all flawed (and who of us isn't in some way?) but they all have such good hearts and what makes the show so special is their love for each other and their sense of family. I love that all of the characters NEVER fall into their stereotypes and that each one, no matter how flawed is lovable and redeemable in some way.

And of course I have to mention this, but I love the character of Kevin. He's smart, funny, very well educated and GREAT at what he does,... but he's also insecure, a bit neurotic, and very needy in his personal life. LOVE that the fact that he's gay is only one of his many facets. And I ADORE Matthew Rhys... I think he's an INCREDIBLE actor. And yes, I love him with Scotty, but because his character is much more than just one half of a couple, I love seeing him interact with his family even more, especially with his sisters.

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So I'm hooked... 5 years late on a show I said I'd NEVER watch. I always admit when I'm an idiot and in this case, I'm a HUGE one for not giving it more of a chance YEARS ago. ;)

My probably REALLY wrong Tony picks...

It's Tony season again and I can't think of an award show that I get more excited about... :) Every year I make my predictions and every year I'm WRONG. :) But I have to agree with everyone who says that this year's Best Actor in a Play category is one of the strongest that I've seen. I'm REALLY rooting for Mark Rylance, but ALL of this year's other nominees are incredibly strong.

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And as always, I welcome all opinions of how wrong I am (as I usually am - I let my emotions get too much in the way of my predictions...) Well, I guess we'll just have to see on Sunday night. :)

My Grandma would've been 98 years old today...

I decided not to make this a sad post,... many of you who know me on FB and Twitter already know that my Grandma passed away on Monday,... just 3 days shy of her 98th birthday. And while we are all sad because she's gone, the one thing I wanted to do in this post was share some of the fun memories I have of her.

My Grandma was strong and stubborn and incredibly feisty... She lived independently until she was 94, still cooking meals for the entire family every Sunday night, making sushi and chocolate pies for the neighbors, and chasing wild chicken out of her yard with a broom. :) She had an amazing memory... She remembered things that we sometimes forgot - at a family gathering with my Dad's side of the family she asked my Dad's relatives (who she hadn't seen in YEARS) how their children were and remembered meeting them on specific occasions. Even on my Mom's last visit to see my Grandma, the one question she had for her was when I was going to think about having children. :) That woman never gave up hope that I would give her a great-grandchild. :)

Her hearing was the one thing that went in her old age. But being the stubborn person she was, she refused to wear a hearing aide. My favorite story that I remember my Mom telling me is that when my Grandma was still living at home, she could hear her phone ring, but not anyone speaking on the other end. So she'd pick up the phone and say HELLO, and the person would be YELLING on the other side of the phone, "GRANDMA!!!" She couldn't hear them,... so she'd say, "Well, why you call if you no like talk??" and hang up the phone, very disgusted. :D Hilarious.

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I know how fortunate I was to have had her in my life for as long as I did... Of course we are all sad that she's gone, but today, on what would have been her 98th birthday, I choose to remember all the wonderful and fun times. Thank you all SO much for all the lovely messages both on FB and Twitter, it's meant so much to me. ♥