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Random acts of kindness. :)

Just goes to show you that there are many wonderful people still out there in this world! :) Yesterday I received an email (through my ebay account) from a complete stranger telling me how sorry she was that I wouldn't be able to make it to NYC in May to see "Assassins" and offered me help by advertising my ticket (that she saw me trying to sell) on another message board. I was pretty surprised and VERY touched that someone would go out of their way to try to help me out. Her email was so sweet, in fact, that similar to the yorkshire terrier woman I met last year at the vet, this is something that I don't think I could forget. :) It's another incident that has made me renew my faith in the goodness of people. :)

And my hubby is the sweetest man ever! He knew what a hard week I was having at work and came home today with a wonderful little gift for me. :) It was a "The Dog" book that he found at the bookstore! :) I think what was even more special than buying the book, was that he knew me enough to know I needed a little cheering up this week. :) He's such a sweetheart! I love him!

April 16th is always my favorite day of the year! Tax season is officially over and my office can once again go back to its "normal" operations. :) I think all of us need to have a major party at 5pm today just for being able to survive this past week. :)

I'm sorry if I haven't been commenting on your journals as much as I would've liked this week. I HAVE been reading all your entries and I promise to be better about it next week since all this tax stress will be done. :) Hope you all have a nice day! :)
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