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Moving in - and "Happiness is..."

I spent the majority of my afternoon at work today moving into my new office. :) In some ways it's nice because it's a little more private now, but I'll really miss being outside with the others and being a part of their daily conversations. After all, how will I get my weekly dose of "American Idol" chatter? ;)

I've gone back to Curves this week (YAY!) in an attempt to lose weight before Susan's wedding - how's that for an incentive to buckle down and stick to my work out schedule? :) Susan and I are going in next week Thursday for the alterations on our dresses - I can't believe her wedding is coming up so fast! :)

Mark & I got an invitation to go to a couple shower that Susan's sister is throwing for her. :) I still want to do a separate bridal shower for her, though and will probably need all of your help and advice... Does anyone know of any fun shower games to play? I have a few ideas from other showers that I've been to, but I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas? :)

And in Kevin news - he got a mention in for the song he wrote for the Easter Bonnet competition earlier this week! YAY! Too bad they spelled his name wrong, though. :( Seems to me that every time he's on the East Coast they spell his name that way (Early). :P Darn. :(

Lastly, I stole this from moxiebramble because I wanted to post something happy. :)

1) Talking, laughing and spending time with my hubby. :)
2) When Sydney curls up next to me to sleep.
3) Traveling with my Mom. :)
4) My monthly dinner nights with Susan.
5) Little inside jokes that only Mark and I find remotely funny. :)
6) Being greeted by Sydney wagging her tail when I come home from work. :)
7) When I'm sitting in the Marquis and I hear the overture for "Millie" - woo hoo!
8) Kevin and Julie Ann emails. :)
9) Pay days. ;)
10) New York City!!
11) Listening to Kevin sing... *SIGH*
12) The weekend!
13) LA Theatre! (In particular - watching LA performers that I love in shows - Nick, Julie Jackson, Misty, Kim Huber, Roger Befeler, etc. etc. etc.)
14) Trade wind weather! :) (Humidity sucks!)
15) Talking with Susan about her upcoming wedding.
16) Seeing old friends
17) Local food (especially manapua & pork hash from Chung Wah Kam) :)
18) Theatre trips! :D
19) That feeling I have after I've gone to work out. :)
20) Strawberries on vanilla ice cream! YUM!
21) Sleeping in on a cold morning.
22) Being inside the Marquis, Golden, or Gershwin theatres this year.
23) Nick hugs (he gives the best hugs in all of theatre-land!) :)
24) Going to Bath & Bodyworks, Trader Joes, or anywhere else we don't have in Hawaii. :P
25) All of you who are gracious enough to share your lives with me. :)

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