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On being short & theatre mumblings & grumblings...

Tomorrow after work Susan and I are going down to get our dresses altered for the wedding. :)

I keep thinking that the seamstresses in Hawaii must make an awful lot of money since it's pretty much a guarantee that they'd have to hem whatever dress / outfit anyone here buys. Yes, we're all that short here! Exhibit A - Jasmine on "American Idol" - she's not unusually short, most local girls fall into the "almost 5 foot" or "just over 5 foot" category out here. :) It's no wonder roopunzel left the islands at such a young age, she was too tall for us! ;)

Personally, I like being short - the only times I have a problem with it is when a really tall, annoying person sits in front of me at the theatre and I end up missing most of what's happening onstage because their big head is in the way. :( GRRR! Or when I'm trying to reach that last loaf of bread in the supermarket that's just out of my reach. :P Gah!

Speaking of theatre:

AHHHHHHH!! Just one more week! If Assassins just extended one week more I'd be able to see it! If there were such a thing as theatre gods, I'd be praying to them - it's just so close that it's painful. :P Just my luck that I'd arrive in NYC just a few days after it closes. :( :(

Shows I'm planning on seeing in July:
  • Avenue Q - again, but I think (or at least hope) my Mom will like it. :)
  • Caroline, or Change - heard mixed reviews, but I thought I'd try it
  • Wicked - again, I think my Mom would like it.
  • Fiddler on the Roof - want to see it since I've been staring at its marquee for months outside of Millie. ;)
  • Wonderful Town - which hopefully will still be open then. :)
  • Millie - big surprise, huh? ;) (BTW, I'm still saying my nightly "Please don't close prayers" for it)

Thanks for indulging me and putting up with all my theatre mumblings lately. It's been a while since I've seen a show. NYC with Mark was two and a half months ago and I'm going stir crazy already. :P

Hope you all have a wonderful evening. :)
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