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The weekend is over. :(

Don't know where it went... :( All I know is that I have a bunch of operational problems at work to deal with on Monday that I'm not at all looking forward to. I've had an unintentional hand in a few of these problems and it's been bothering me so much this weekend that I've actually had nightmares last night about it. I hope everything gets resolved - I hate to have problems hanging over my head like this, unresolved over the weekend. I just feel so horrible and helpless. :P

Spent most of my time today studying for my 24. :P Mark & I did leave the house briefly to go to Chung Wah Kam this afternoon for some manapua - which was a nice study break. :) One thing about local food is that it's certainly NOT for those on a lo-carb diet. :P Curves will be seeing a lot of me next week, that's for sure! ;)

Ever since Sydney shed her coat in February, she seems to be much thinner. Her undercoat hasn't really grown back and her top coat isn't nearly as long as it used to be - which worries me a little. Also, I noticed that her coloration has changed a little and instead of having her dark brown / black top coat, she seems to be more of a muted light brown these days. Maybe it's just my imagination...

And this is how pathetically theatre deprived I feel - I spent the last few hours watching my NYC video - which includes Kevin's birthday messages for this year from all of his castmates from "Millie" (and some other great people I happened to see in NYC :)) as well as the interview I did with him in January. :) I miss seeing him on stage and I miss looking forward to his next great role. July seems like such a long time away. :(

Hope you all had nice weekend! :) I'm off to crawl into bed with my "not-as-fuzzy-as-before" doggie and my series 24 book (Mark can't seem to stop playing "Resident Evil" downstairs...wonder if he plans to sleep tonight?) :P

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