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My last study day at home.

In a way I feel as though I'm ready for my exam (as ready as I can be on such short notice), in others I think I'm just fooling myself into thinking I can take and possibly pass this thing... :P I did a lot of reviewing and taking practice exams the past few days and hopefully I'll be able to get a good night's sleep tonight and just review my notes tomorrow before I go in. Unlike the 7, I feel a little numb going into this one. :P

In very trivial news, I got my new ATM card in the mail today - which is like gold to me. :) It's funny because you'd think since I work IN the bank, I wouldn't be depending on the ATM too much, but I think that I actually get less banking done than the average person even though I'm there everyday. :P

And a bit of sad news (at least to me) - my old hotmail email account for Kevin's site has been de-activated. :( I don't use it anymore (since Kevin's site got its own domain) but on it were TONS of emails from Kevin's friends, co-workers, his Mom, random fans... :( All the memories of the first two years of his website,... gone! :( Besides being crushed that it's all gone, I'm a little mad at myself - exactly why I never thought to transfer them out of there, I will never understand. :(

And no, I didn't stay up to find out about the Tony nominations. :( I wanted to, and even half-heartedly tried to, but I ended up opening my eyes at 5am after all the excitement was long over. :( The nominations were okay and pretty predictable and I guess I'm okay with them. Trying not to formulate any firm opinions until I've had a chance to see more of the nominated shows (which sadly, won't happen until after the Tony's anyway...) :P Very happy for the "Avenue Q" folks though! :)

Hope you all had a nice day, I'd better get back to studying... :P
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