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04 June 2004 @ 10:09 pm
Wow - it's been a while...  
...I've been around, but honestly all I've had the energy to do when I've come home from work lately is curl up with the fuzzy dog and sleep. :P In part, I think it had to do with the awful flu/cold virus that was making its way around our office last week. I felt like I was coming down with it on Tuesday, but thankfully it seems to have gone away as the week progressed.

Delta sent me a letter in response to my complaint that I wrote a few weeks ago. I've never written in to complain about anything before, but this time I felt it was extremely unfair and had to say something. The letter was very nice and apologetic, but I still think I'm going to have to change my airline of choice after this NYC trip. :P

I'm finally going to get my hair done tomorrow. :) It took several months, Susan's wedding, and seeing my hairstylist at the mall last weekend to prompt me to make an appointment. I'm a little odd in that going to get my hair cut / highlighted is something I completely dread... It's a waste of time to me - since I'm not one who really puts an emphasis on appearance. The only reason I'm really going is because I promised Susan I wouldn't have dark roots for her wedding. :)

Speaking of which, poor Susan - her friend who was supposed to do our make up and hair for her wedding canceled out at the last minute. :( Luckily, Susan is very calm about the whole thing and is already trying to make contingency plans (i.e. buying a fall to wear...) This, of course, also means that I'll have to do my own make up - and frankly, that worries me. :P I never wear make up so the thought of having to apply my own make up is rather scary. ;) I think Susan will have to worry about more than my dark roots at her wedding. ;)
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ajayne on June 6th, 2004 07:12 am (UTC)
I don't even use a blowdryer most of the time. I have one, but whenever I turn it on, it has that "unused hot, dusty" smell to it. (That's how often it gets used.) But the good thing is, my hair is healthy because it's not full of styling junk and hair dryer heat! :)

At least, with you doing your own make-up, you will still look like you. Sometimes I see girls who had their make up done and it no longer looks like them. I would want to look like me... but better. :)