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My wonderful day & Susan's shower...

...Susan's shower was so much fun! She didn't expect anyone else to be there (she just thought I was taking her to lunch) and when she saw Jackie sitting at the bar she was completely surprised. :) Jackie got Susan a pair of silk boxers (for Fredrick) and I got Susan a sweet, but seductive nightie. We had a great time talking about our men (their ears must've been burning all afternoon!) :) The food was just delicious (I decided to overlook my diet for just one meal!) and we all didn't want to go home after they took the check - but we took a few pictures and finally said good-bye to Jackie.

Me, Susan, and Jackie. :)

Me w/my blonde hair and Susan. :)

Afterward, Susan & I went to Sephora so we could buy some make up (yikes!) for the wedding. I bought very few things (yes - I did remember the waterproof mascara! - Thanks Laura!) :) and it ended up costing me $58! Yikes! Now I know why I don't usually bother with make up - it literally costs a small fortune! :O

And the Tonys are over - at least on the East Coast - and I was a bad girl and found out the winners in advance (my telecast won't begin for another 2 and a half hours) :( Let's just say that I'm TOTALLY thrilled with the winners! :) I'll have to do another "Tony entry" later tonight after I've watched the telecast. :)

I'm off to read more theatre message boards! :) Hope you all had a nice Sunday! :)
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