Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

I don't know what's stranger...

...the fact that we just happen to plan our NYC trip the weekend of this --- or the fact that I'm seriously thinking about buying tickets to it. :P I'm just not too sure that I'm ready to know that much about my favorite Broadway performers...

Tomorrow night is Susan's wedding rehearsal. :) Her wedding party is very small - it's just me and the Best Man (and her two nieces, who are the flower girls). :) I'm really interested in seeing her wedding because she's the first person that I've ever known to get married in the traditional Japanese kimono with the full make-up and headdress (she'll change to her lavendar dress for the reception). :) Because the headdress is so heavy, she told me it was my job to make sure that if I saw her tipping that I'd give her a little nudge to make sure she doesn't fall down. ;)

And I've been trying to be good about watching what I eat (so I can fit into the dress a little better) - and I can't believe I gave up the opportunity to eat 99 cent sushi plates at Kuru Kuru this week. :( It's a promotion they're having where anything you pick costs only 99 cents, provided that you eat it within a half an hour. That's a dream come true for me (since some sushi plates can run up to $5!) I think Mark & I are going to go there on Sunday (the last day of the promotion) because that'll be AFTER Susan's wedding. ;)

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