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My poor travel-stressed hubby. :(

Mark is sitting around downstairs staring off into space (I kid you not) trying NOT to forget anything for our trip. Poor thing has travel stress again... :P I love Mark dearly, but he's the complete opposite of me - he has to know the outcome of everything before he does it... which is why traveling unnerves him. :P I have to admit that he's gotten a lot better about it over the years, but nevertheless, he hasn't given up the "staring into space" thing he does (for hours on end!) before we go on our trip. ;)

We leave for NYC tomorrow! :) Yay! I'm SO excited to be getting to see Millie again before it closes :)... and see "Assassins"! :) And this will be the first time that I'll actually see New York in a season other than the dead of winter (NYC had always been synonymous with "freezing cold" for me). :)

And I never did write my gushing post about the kindness of Kevin Earley... :) I did hear from him (last week) about his new show - and I'm VERY excited for him. :) He's playing the "bad guy" again - which I have to admit, I'm getting quite used to. ;) He very thoughtfully suggested I buy tickets toward the middle of the theatre for that show since he said it's better to get the full effect (and because orch seats run $125 - yikes!) AND he knows how I like to occupy the first few rows at his shows ;) He's such a dear - I can't wait to see him this weekend, it's been way too long!

I'll be around tomorrow (I have to go to work for half a day) and then Mark & I leave in the mid-afternoon. :) Hope you all have a nice, safe weekend. :) I should probably go downstairs to check on my poor stressed Hubby. ;)

BTW, I had to change my cartoon icon above since I highlighted my hair lighter - the old one didn't look like me anymore. ;)
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