Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Got off the phone with Marina...

...who was sweet enough to call to tell me she just got a flier in the mail announcing that Misty Cotton would be performing with the California Philharmonic in July with Damon Kirsche. :) Kevin had told me that she was asked to do the concert, but I didn't know it was finalized yet. Marina also mentioned there was a nice advertisement for the concert that Kevin's doing in August with the Philharmonic on the same flier. :) Wooo...I can't wait. :) And I can't wait to see Marina and the other girls next weekend. :)

I can't believe that I'm packing again. It feels like I just unpacked from my last trip and there I was today, gathering my things together and packing yet again. With the way everything has been going with work (with tax season in full swing and everyone calling us - concerned about the stock market and their accounts, and some other problems which I probably shouldn't go into great length about) I already feel a little burnt out and I just had a few days off a month ago... I guess we all have our little stress relievers - Mark has his video games and computer and I have my theatre outings.

And while I'd love for Mark to go on all these trips with me, I know that he hates to travel and will only travel with me once in a great while if he has to (The fact that he agreed to go to NYC with me in February was a real shocker). It's something about his strange need to know the outcome of everything foreign before he does it. It's interesting that he and I are so different in that way. I love the unknown and I thrive on the adventure - Mark is essentially afraid of change. If his life was exactly the same everyday until the day he died, he'd be happy - I, on the other hand would go insane without change. That probably explains why, even though he's completely unhappy at his current job, he won't even entertain the idea of looking for another one, while I'm always looking for new jobs that'll challenge me... But, I think the main thing is that we understand each other - I won't push him to change and he doesn't stop me from wanting to... Yeah, we have a different sort of relationship, but in a strange way, it works for us. :)
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