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Finally home from NYC! :)

After many hours of delayed flights and waiting at airports, Mark & I are finally home from NYC! :) I'm trying to slowly make my way through all of your entries to catch up on all your lives, but I wanted to quickly update the highlights of my trip, before I forget... And in the interest of space, I'll cut them so I can spare you all the scrolling. :)

Goodbye Good Goody Girl...A Tearful Goodbye to "Millie"

This was the reason I made the long trip to New York and it was definitely worth it to be in the audience to see the final "Millie" performance! Before the show even started, Jeanine Tesori (who wrote the music for the show) went over to the orchestra and told them all how wonderful they were. :) - She ended up sitting next to her husband, Michael (who was the conductor that evening) in the orchestra pit with their daughter during the second act, which I thought was really sweet. :)

When the show began and the scrim went up, the applause was almost deafening - and because I was sitting off to the side, I could see the ensemble waiting in the wings (as Susan sang the opening number) getting ready to go on for the last time... It was really touching to see them all heave HUGE sighs before their cues and when they came out, I had planned to scream loudly for their entrance - and apparently, I wasn't the only one with that idea, because they all got entrance applause as they came out of the wings. The best, classiest, and nicest ensemble on broadway deserved every bit if applause as they appeared on stage for the last time. It was very touching to see.

The rest of the show went on as usual, though it did seem that everyone was giving a little extra something that day. Jessica Dillon even did a little drunken "fall" out of the jail cell after "What Do I Need With Love?" that I'd never seen her do before. :)

I was also able to see Kevin and Liz McCartney in the wings before their final entrance in "Speed Test". Liz was crying and Kevin gave her a HUGE hug which I thought was the sweetest thing. The most amazing thing was that a few seconds later they appeared on stage with their stern "Graydon" and "Flannery" faces on.

And talking with Kevin the day before, I knew that they were going to do this for the final scene, but I was still so touched and teary eyed when I saw it... When the rotating stage turned back around at the very end and the ensemble was dressed in their "Thoroughly Modern" costumes - EVERYONE was there, including all the swings so they could be a part of the final curtain call. When that stage turned and I saw them all posed for the final number everyone started screaming (me included) and it was so touching to see them all together on stage...

The curtain call was amazing! I was up on my feet and screaming from the moment the ensemble walked on the stage to when the scrim went down for the last time. I was SO sad to see the show go, but I was SO grateful that I was there to say goodbye...

Seeing Kevin & Julie After the Show

Got to speak with Kevin this weekend about his new show, moving back to LA, and the week vacation he and Julie plan to take on their cross country trek home. :) I went over to say HI to Julie at intermission during the last show and she looked wonderful! Her hair was a lot shorter than I'd ever seen it, and I really liked the lighter color! :) I finally got to meet her brother Jack, who I'd been emailing with for quite a while. Their whole family is just so nice! It was cute when Jack told Kevin as he left, "I look forward to taking your money again on Thursday." Julie smiled sheepishly as she explained to us that he was referring to their weekly poker games. :)

Kevin told us how he might have to shave his head (YIKES! NO!) for his next role and how it required him to be shirtless so he's working out like a maniac. :) He told us how he looked forward to golfing and taking his dog, Baxter home - since he's getting older and not much of a city dog. :( It was really nice to see them both and they are very much the same, sweet, thoughtful people I'd always known them to be. :) They're the best. :)

Meeting & Spotting Other Celebrity Type People In NYC

I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Egan (who plays Millie) for the very first time this weekend. She was warm and gracious and sang a sultry Happy Birthday to Kevin for my birthday video for him. I also met Jessica Grove for the first time. She was just the sweetest. :) She told me about the cast having a "Happy Un-Birthday Party" for all the people whose birthdays they wouldn't be able to celebrate because of the show closing (which was pretty sad) :(. Leslie Uggams is absolutely gorgeous in person! She is such a warm person that it's impossible to NOT adore her - she was just wonderful! :)

Also, I'm a total dork but I got pretty excited to see some random Broadway people walking the streets of NYC this weekend. On Friday, I saw Robert Lopez (co-creator of "Avenue Q") crossing the street to 49th. :) I also happened to see Jeff McCarthy on 49th on my way to Broadway. Poor Mark wasn't fast enough to see as I pointed them out, but can proudly tell people that he saw Robert Lopez & Jeff McCarthy's backs. :)

And the last random Broadway person we ran into on the street was as we were waiting for "Wonderful Town" to let us in on Saturday night. There was a guy with a baseball cap and shorts, walking toward 8th Avenue and waving at us! Of course, it turned out to be Kevin, on his way to the Marquis for the evening show. :)

Shows Glorious Shows!

I won't go into detail about all the shows we caught this weekend since this post is already turning into a novel...

    We did get to see:

  • "Assassins" - which I adored - though the LA cast is still ultimately special in my heart and no cast could ever really beat it...
  • "Caroline, Or Change" - very happy that Tonya Pinkins was in when we saw it! Anika Noni Rose was spectacular! It had some very lovely, touching moments.
  • "Wonderful Town" - just a delightful show! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED - Donna Murphy!! She was absolutely hilarious and literally stole the entire show - she really deserved the Tony, IMO for her performance,
  • "Avenue Q" - Still hilarious the second time around. Lots of understudies, but still a wonderful show! Barrett Foa as Trekkie, Nicky, and one of the Bad Idea Bears was great! The understudy for Jordan Gelbar was good, but I missed Jordan's Brian a lot. :(

Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate, Virgin Megastore & the Olympic Torch...

On Friday, Mark & I hiked up to 3rd Ave and 60th to try the famous Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity that we had heard so much about. :) When we got there the wait for a table was an hour and a half, but it was well worth it! :) The famous drink / dessert was SO delicious!! :) We even bought the mix to take home with us so we can attempt to make it at home - though we know it probably won't taste the same. :(...

On this trip we took the time to venture to places we'd never been to before (but were so close to us) like the Virgin Megastore that was just across the street from us. I ended up buying the "Baby" cast recording (which I've come to realize on the 10+ hour flight home that it's quickly becoming one of my favorites) and the "Bounce" cast recording. :)

The Olympic torch was also making its way through Times Square on Saturday night. We opted not to see it, but got stuck in a crowd of people trying to exit the Saturday night shows and get out of the city and people forced to use 8th avenue because of all the road blocks... :P A grumpy policeman wouldn't let us enter 48th St. to get to our hotel unless we showed him our hotel room key - which was ridiculous - since he had no way of knowing WHAT hotel the card key we showed him was for... :P I guess, in retrospect, we should've gone to see the torch ceremony - after all, it's not everyday that the Olympic torch makes its way through an area we're actually in.

For some reason this NYC trip seemed incredibly short. I don't think it's fully hit me that "Millie's" gone. :( For as long as I've been going into the city the "Millie" marquee has always been there... I think it'll hit me the next time I'm in the city and the marquee isn't there anymore. :(

Kind of a bittersweet trip this time for us, but I wouldn't have traded being there this weekend for anything...

I'm off to catch up on your entries, update Kevin's site, and play with my fuzzy dog. I'll post another entry tomorrow with some photos I took at the final show. :) Hope you all had a nice weekend!
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