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Theatre, vacation, and more Kevin...

Why I always have to end the day with a happy post is beyond me...

On the happier side of the day, I heard from Kevin who told me it was okay to announce his new show. :) There have been all sorts of mumblings about it on the theatre message boards (which kind of scares me) since it's rumored to have Val Kilmer in talks for the lead. Can you imagine Val Kilmer as Moses and Kevin as Ramses? Kevin unfortunately looks SO UNevil that it might work to his disadvantage here.

And as much as I wonder how their HUGE capitalization will affect their run, I'm curious to see Kevin in such a huge production. When I spoke with him about it in NYC, he didn't really know too much. Hopefully, for his sake, it'll do well at the Kodak Theatre and move on to RCMH - I'd love to go to NYC again in January. ;)

Aside from the warm fuzzies I got today from his email (his emails always make me happy) :) I was also granted my vacation in August to attend my web design class! I'm so excited that I'll be able to take it! :) It's been so long since I've been motivated to do anything web-wise and the class is just what I need to get me motivated again. :)

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