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Stolen from kananigirl

thirteen random things you like:

1. Musical Theatre
2. Broadway
3. LA Theatre!
4. Web design
5. Photography
6. Traveling
7. Fuzzy dogs :)
8. Great baritone voices (i.e. Kevin Earley!!)
9. Open-minded people
10. Weekends!
11. Chinese food (Dim Sum in particular!)
12. Cool, breezy weather
13. Shopping :)

twelve movies:

1. 1776
2. Dead Poet's Society
3. Rebel Without A Cause
4. Barefoot in the Park
5. Breakfast Club
6. Return to Me
7. Farewell to Manzanar
8. Say Anything
9. Knotting Hill
10. Snow Falling on Cedars
11. The Big Chill
12. Ordinary People

eleven good bands/artists (singers):

1. Kevin Earley (big surprise, I know ;) But honestly, he has the best voice I've ever heard!)
2. Norm Lewis (be still my heart - I love this man's voice!) :)
3. Meredith Kaye Clark (my gosh can this woman belt!)
4. Julie Jackson (superb voice and a great belt as well!) :)
5. Misty Cotton (excellent belt, beautiful voice!)
6. Christopher Sieber (as much as I enjoy looking at him, he's got an amazing voice as well) ;)
7. John Tartaglia (I wish I could hear his regular singing voice more, though there are still some fabulous moments even in his "Rod" voice) :)
8. Gavin Creel (the nicest voice of any Jimmy I've ever heard - he's fabulous!)
9. Leslie Uggams (her voice is so gorgeous! That woman can sing!)
10. John Raitt (*SIGH*, heard him sing live twice within the last three years and his voice is as gorgeous as it was on the "Carousel" CR I have)
11. Harry Groener (truly a triple threat in every sense - fabulous acting, wonderful voice, great dancing! I think he's extremely talented!)

ten things about you:

1. I'm so short, I'm not even 5 feet tall. :P
2. If there was a job where I could get paid to fly around and watch theatre (and not be hated like critics), it would be my dream. :)
3. I don't drink soda, alcohol, or coffee (I mostly drink water)
4. I must have some sort of negative CD vibe, because every single CD drive (internal or external) that I've purchased has broken down on me shortly after I bought it. :(
5. I've seen 92 shows (musicals & straight plays) so far (that I can remember) including the ones I saw more than once (or twice, or twelve times) ;)
6. My first crush on a celebrity was on the character BJ Hunnicutt in "MASH" (when I was 8 or 9) - I was convinced I wanted to marry a man like him. :)
7. I got into photography by accident when my Dad bought me my first camera for my birthday the year I turned 7 (remember those 110 cameras?) :P
8. My mother's family is from the Big Island and sadly I haven't been back there in about three years. :(
9. I started working at the bank ten years ago (by accident, as well) :P
10. I have an addiction to Dim Sum and great Chinese food! :)

nine good friends:

1. Susan
2. Julie (my former roomie)
3. Anna
4. Craig
5. Pat
6. Sumi
7. Bobbie
8. You know, I don't have many really close RL friends who I have stayed in contact with over the years. :( I seem to have more online friends than anything else right now. :)

eight favorite foods/drinks:

1. White nectarines
2. Special K w/strawberries
3. Dim Sum (Oh, so bad for my diet!)
4. Misoyaki Butterfish
5. The sizzling hot apple pie at Applebee's (So NOT on my diet!)
6. Portebello Mushroom Ravioli (which they don't have anymore) from Charley O's in NYC
7. Everything at Chung Wah Kam! :)
8. In & Out burgers (the only burger that I'd ever eat... I miss LA!)

seven things you wear daily:

1. Wedding ring
2. Earrings (five of them)
3. Hawaiian bracelet
4. The pendant that Mark gave me for Valentine's Day a few years ago
5. My watch
6. Underwear (TMI?)
7. Some kind of footwear (usually shoes, but on the weekend I wear slippers) :)

six things that annoy you:

1. Racism
2. Close minded-ness
3. People who insist on talking in the theatre during the show!
4. Tall people who sit in front of me in the theatre and insist on moving from side to side throughout the entire show (pick a side and stick to it!) :P
5. Humid weather! :P
6. Competitive people who always have to "one-up" others. :P

five things you touch everyday:

1. Mark
2. My fuzzy dog :)
3. My computer mouse, key pad, etc.
4. The refridgerator handle
5. My pillow

four shows you watch:

1. Line of Fire (too bad that it was canceled!) :(
2. Food 911 (Tyler Florence! *SIGH*)
3. Dharma & Greg
4. West Wing

three celebrities you have a crush on:

1. Ahem... *COUGH* Kevin Earley *COUGH* (Ummm... It's odd for me to say it since I've gotten to know him...) I'll just say that he's a celebrity that I admire (for his talent and his great looks - "Crush" is really a silly word) ;)
2. John Tartaglia - I don't mind admitting I have a crush on him, I don't know the man! ;)
3. Christopher Sieber - *SIGH* Him either! ;)

two people on livejournal that you have kissed

1. Mark fooj
2. That would be about it...

one person you could spend the rest of your life with:

1. Mark, of course! :)

I'm off to make some fat free blueberry muffins for breakfast. :) Hope you all have a nice Sunday! :)

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