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...I fell off the wagon to speak. :P Today my entire office ordered bentos (boxed lunches) from Kay's Bento in Waipahu and I broke down and just had to buy one too... Bad Sheri! :P But as bad as it was for my diet, I have to admit it was delicious! Three kinds of sushi, shoyu/garlic chicken, shrimp... it was just heavenly - but SO bad for my diet! :( Afterward I felt guilty and vowed to work out twice as hard tonight. :P

Speaking of work, a couple of the administrative assistants who work in my office announced they were leaving next month. :( I'm really going to miss them both since we all became so close in the back office! :( The sad part is that neither of them really wants to leave - one is moving to Las Vegas to be closer to her daughter and family and the other is taking a job at her son's school so she can get a discount on his tuition. I'll be very sad to see them both go. :(

In happier news, tomorrow is my dear hubby's birthday! :) He'll finally turn 34 and won't be able to tease me about being an old lady anymore (or at least not for another six months). ;) We're going to go out for dinner tomorrow night (another reason I felt so guilty for consuming the bento today) to celebrate. :) Got him a GC to Software Etc (so he can add to his game collection) and some other small gifts. :)

The weather has gone from bad to worse here. It's been so humid recently that I actually look forward to going in to the office just so I can sit in air conditioning. :P Our next big purchase will definitely be an AC! (How many summers in a row have I been saying that now?) :P

And WOO HOO to Richard Roland - who recently was announced as the temporary Jimmy replacement in the "Thoroughly Modern Millie" tour! He was the Jimmy understudy on Broadway with Kevin - and just a really nice guy. :)
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