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29 July 2004 @ 11:34 pm
I'm 34 and I finally realize what I want to be when I grow up... :P  
Well, tomorrow is my last day of work before my week of vacation. I hesitate to use the word "vacation" since it really isn't one - I'm taking off a week to take my final web design class at CTA. While I'm excited to be attending the class, my happiness is somewhat lessened by the bad timing of all of this. With everything going on at work, this vacation is starting to feel more like a burden. :P

Surprisingly, my desire to complete my web design certification was somehow more important when I worked at my other branch. I saw it as a way out of a really unpleasant situation, but since I've moved to the back office and have started my new job, it doesn't seem as important. It's probably because I'm content at my job for the first time in a very long time and for the first time I'm not looking for a way out. It completely surprises me since my job is something that no one would've guessed I would've liked in a million years - myself included. Odd that I'm so happy with it. :)

It kind of feels like after ten years at the bank, I finally woke up and realized I had a career. :P

On a completely different note, a cast list was finally announced for "Brooklyn Boy" at South Coast Rep, which Mark & I are planning to see in October. :) I'm very excited that we're going to get the chance to see it - especially since I don't know if I'll be able to make it back to NY in time to see it on Broadway next year. :P

Well, I'm exhausted. :P I'm off to grab a shower and crawl into bed... I hope you all have a nice evening. :)

Edited to add: The icon doesn't look like me at all, but eh... I tried. ;)
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
ajayne on July 30th, 2004 07:24 am (UTC)
I like the icon... where did you make it?

I hope you are able to enjoy your class next week. :) And have some playtime too.
Sheri: Stephanie & Kate Monstershutterbug93 on July 31st, 2004 08:17 am (UTC)
Thanks! I made it on yahoo. I'll have to look for the link and email it to you when I find it. It doesn't look like me at all, but at least it's Asian! ;)

ajayne on July 31st, 2004 08:18 am (UTC)
I think it is really cute! :P

Thanks... if you find the link, even cooler!
Carecareleswhisper on July 30th, 2004 11:11 am (UTC)
I hope that you can get something out of the class. :) I know you will, but since you're happy with your job and all. :)
Sheri: Kate Monstershutterbug93 on July 31st, 2004 08:19 am (UTC)
I know the class will be great for me and I'm very glad that they're giving me the vacation to take it. :) Hopefully it'll help me to overcome this creative rut I've been in for the past 6 months. :P