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Scrapbooking :), my work family, and going in to the office on a Saturday. :)

Yesterday, I spent most of my work day going around the office collecting goodbye messages and taking photos of everyone to put in a scrapbook for our three office-mates who are leaving. I was surprised that even my BIG boss took some time out of his busy schedule to pose for a photo and contribute a message. I haven't scrapbooked in a LONG time and it'll be great to be doing something creative again. :)

Here's a photo of my wonderful office family (minus my BIG boss)

My apologies for the poor quality of the photo - it's a REAL photo and my scanner really stinks! :P Ana and Sharon (the two girls on both ends) are leaving :( and so is Brian (the guy in the blue polo). :( They're a great group and I'm going to miss the three of them a lot! :(

Speaking of work, I have to go in this morning to complete some last minute things before I start my week vacation. I've never gone in on a Saturday (though the bank is always open in the morning). It'll be really nice to be able to clean off my desk and get things done without the hassle of having to answer the phones (which are constantly ringing on the weekday). :P

Tonight Mark & I have tickets to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" at Diamond Head Theatre. I'd heard a lot of great things about this local production and I was curious to see how they would stage it (even though I'm not a HUGE fan of the show itself). It'll also be nice to support local theatre since I always complain about us having no theatre here. Mark & I were pretty impressed by their production of "Follies" last year so we're pretty excited to see this.

And finally, my "Assassins" CD came in the mail yesterday!!! Woo hoo! :D It's always been one of my favorite shows, but with a stellar cast like this (and the unforgettable LA Reprise! cast!) the show is that much more captivating. I LOVE the CD! :)

I'm off to make some breakfast and get ready for work. Hope you all have a nice Saturday! :)

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