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...I just found out that a dear LJ friend's father passed away early this morning. :( I was literally in tears for her whole family when I found out, since I know a little of the pain that comes from experiencing someone you love passing away. Ironically, just 18 days from now will be 13 years since my own father passed away from cancer too. :(

I've said it time and time again, but the hardest thing about online friendships is the distance and the feeling of helplessness when someone you care about is hurting so far away. :( I know that Amanda and her family have much better things to do than sit around online, but I wanted to send out some Big *HUGS* and major prayers her way. I've been reading her journal for a very long time (long before her father became ill) and I know what a hard road it's been for her entire family and my heart totally goes out to them. :(
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