Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Sydney photo frenzy...

Spent the better part of my morning with my digital camera in poor Sydney's face. She hates the camera with a passion now and will run away from it. I can't understand it since I never use the flash when I photograph her and I've turned off the sound to my digital. Nevertheless it's turned from "play time" into "let's run under the table out of camera range" time recently when my camera comes out. :(

I managed to take one photo of her begging for food which I love because she has those sad puppy-dog eyes that she uses to get sympathy from us (and eventually part of our meals). :P The others were taken last weekend when I was trying to get new expressions on film, etc. The lighting is really bad on some of these and I'd hardly call it flattering for poor Sydney, but I thought I'd post them anyway.

How could anyone say no to those eyes? ;)

Not the most flattering... Only a mother could love these. :)

The lighting was SO bad on this one (I wasn't even looking through the viewfinder) but she has such a cute expression and it's how she always sleeps. :)

Other than that, Mark & I went to the market and Mark found scrapple (which I'd only seen for the first time today) Despite our diets, he had to get it since it was the first time he claims he's ever seen it in Hawaii. Looks nasty to me! :P Blech!

Tomorrow I start my week long web class at CTA. I'm looking forward to it and hoping that it gives me some motivation to start doing something creative again.
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