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Last day of class...

Class got out today at noon! :) It was kind of nice to just be able to have the day to myself. I've taken so many days of vacation these past few years, but I've never really been home to enjoy them. My vacation days are usually reserved for theatre trips. ;)

So I decided to take advantage of it and ended up going to Borders after class (thank you, kananigirl for the coupon!) :) I used it to buy a Flash book :) - which is great. :) I've also been seriously thinking about taking the 2 Flash classes that CTA offers - which is scary. :P Someone please snap me out of this! :P

My in-laws are in Vegas right now (yet again!) :) They used to tease me because I traveled so often, but recently they've been on so many trips, I don't think they've been home for two consecutive months this whole year! I think that ever since my mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, they've made an effort not to take anything for granted.

Speaking of trips, I finally got a rental car through Priceline for our October trip! $17 a day isn't too bad, but I know we're probably going to get some small little clunker (which is fine because I drive a small little clunker here everyday) ;) I still haven't bought any show tickets outside of "Ten Commandments" - since everything else doesn't go on sale until late August. :P

And I think we might have to board poor Sydney again for our October trip. :( The in-laws will be gone on another one of their trips that weekend and my Mom will be taking her trip to Japan. I always feel so bad about boarding Sydney - the last time we picked her up from boarding, she shed her entire undercoat and was extremely scrawny for a month! :( Poor dog!

Hope you all have a nice evening - I'm off to work on scrapbooks. :)

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