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Work & Sydney appreciation day... ;)

My co-worker's last day was today. :( It was extremely sad because she cried the whole day. She really didn't want to leave, but she decided to sacrifice her job to help pay her son's private school tuition. :( In the 8 months that I've been working with her, she's become such a close friend, it was so hard to say good-bye to her today. :( She also really liked the scrapbook - but she couldn't stop crying when she opened it. By the time she actually opened it, we were all in tears. :(

The two new girls in our office seem very nice and sweet - I already know they'll be excellent additions to our team. :) It was funny, but the guys in our office were a little too interested in them and it was hilarious to see them all spend so much time trying to "help" them out. ;) We should just call our office First Investment Dating Service. ;) It was very cute to see. :)

And as luck would have it, the air conditioner wasn't working today (on one of the hottest days of the year). For the first time it was cooler outside than it was inside the bank. :P Luckily, we were forewarned and were allowed to wear jeans to work. :) It helped a little, but it was still very hot so our boss let us leave an hour early - which was VERY nice of her. :)

Today seemed to be Sydney appreciation day for me (not that everyday isn't, but today was a little different...) I was talking with my Mom about how her dog would hide under the bed when she's scared and I told her about the time that Sydney was really ill. During a particularly bad period for her, Mark came home from work to find her under our bed. She NEVER goes under there. At the time it seemed odd, but I realized today that it might have been because she thought her time had come. :( From what I understand, dogs will try to hide when they think they're going to die. That realization made me want to rush home so I could hug her! :( I can't believe we were so close to losing her last year! I'm just SO thankful that she's still in our lives!

And on a last theatre note: Hurray for Anne L Nathan! :) She was the best darn Miss Flannery that I've ever seen in Millie and it was so nice to finally meet her on Millie's closing weekend! :) Yay for Millie's alumni! :)

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