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...I think I caught something dreadful that's going around my workplace. :( Last night I had the world's biggest headache and I could barely keep my eyes open (I almost fell asleep several times typing my LJ entry!) :P This morning I woke up with a sore throat and body aches. :( Blech! I hate being sick! :( Unfortunately because my boss is on vacation and we're generally short-handed (due to all the people who left recently), I wasn't able to call in sick. :( Luckily tomorrow is Friday and I'll be able to spend the weekend in bed trying to recover. :P

There was one GREAT thing about my day, though! :)

I was SO excited this evening - because I received the greatest email! :) Julie Jackson is going to be starring in "Side By Side" at the Pasadena Playhouse the weekend Mark & I will be in LA!! :D I haven't seen Julie since I went to the Robby Awards last February! And I've missed her so much! :( I actually met Julie through Kevin when they did "Side Show" together at the Colony Theatre. She's got to have one of the nicest voices that I've ever heard - not to mention the fact that she's a real sweetheart and over the years has grown to become more of a friend than one of my favorite theatre performers. :)

What's even better in this whole thing is that I think this is the same "Side By Side" that's being directed by Nick!! :D I'm in total and complete heaven! I can see two of my favorite theatre performers AND see a Nick show!! I can't wait for the October trip!! It's going to be fantastic!

Speaking of trips, my in-laws are back from Vegas. Seems my mother in law had a pretty profitable trip and won some money on some slots. I never have luck when I go to Vegas - the last time Mark & I went we lost our alloted money for the day so fast that we ended up playing video games in the hotel's arcade. ;)

I'd better head off to bed before I collapse. Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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