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Oh my gosh...

...I'm in brownie heaven! :) I found a new brownie mix that's rich, chocolatey, very chewy AND the best part is that it's fat free! :D I just made a batch this afternoon and I have to say that they're actually better than regular brownies. They're made by No Pudge and you use fat free yogurt with the dry mix instead of oil and eggs. :) They're absolutely the best thing that's come along for my diet yet! :)

Speaking of which, I've been getting a little off track with my diet recently, since we've been having so many pot lucks and lunches for all our office mates who left last week. I'm usually okay will-power wise when it comes to catered food, but when people make things I feel bad if I don't try it since they worked so hard to make it. :( This week will be easier, though since all the pot-luck lunches seem to be over.

Did some trip planning this afternoon and bought our tickets for Friday night's performance of "Ten Commandments" :) I love how the operators at Ticketmaster try to cross sell you everything from hotel rooms to subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly. :P And how they try to get you to buy the more expensive seats if you don't ask to sit just 5 rows behind for $40 less. :P As you can tell, I'm not a fan of Ticketmaster at all. :P

And on a website note, I actually did some work and FINALLY re-designed Misty's site this afternoon! :) It's been SO long since I told her that I would re-design it (months!) that I'm almost afraid to email to tell her that it's done (she must have given up on me!) :P This may not be the most creative design (it looks a little like Julie Ann's site) but I promise to be much better about updating it. :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend. I'm off to give some attention to my fuzzy dog!
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