Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

More than you'd ever want to know about me...

My apologies to girlsunderpants for stealing this from her. But it's 5am, I'm already packed, I'm bored, and I'm waiting for my ride to the airport.

1. I'm a Yonsei (4th generation Japanese-American)
2. I'm deeply rooted in my culture (not Japanese culture - but Japanese American culture, which, to me, is different)
3. I'm an only child
4. I used to be a vegetarian
5. I am not one now
6. I used to be 98 pounds
7. I am not anymore. :(
8. I've probably seen every episode of "MASH"
9. ...Twice :)
10. My Dad died when I was 21
11. I miss him everyday
12. Nothing is more incredible to me than the sound of a great Baritone
13. I'm addicted to theatre (can you tell much?)
14. I like watching "Iron Chef"
15. I like to watch Japanese documentary shows with the sound off (too distracting trying to understand the Japanese they're speaking...)
16. I've done intensive research in college on Manzanar, Lone Heart Mountain, Topaz and other internment camps of the 1940's
17. I hated the movie "Pearl Harbor"
18. I have 3 mini disc players and none of them work when I need them to. :(
19. I was engaged three times before I met Mark
20. Mark & I only went out for 3 months before we started looking for a house together
21. We got married in Nov of 1998
22. The thing I love most about Mark is the wonderful friendship we share
23. We can talk for hours on end and never run out of things to say
24. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me
25. I went to four years of Japanese Language school as a child
26. I still can't speak Japanese :(
27. The only thing I can say is "Teacher, sorry I'm late"
28. And I know how to swear in Japanese - courtesy of my Grandma ;)
29. I've always wanted to have children
30. Mark doesn't want the responsibility of children
31. I've been re-thinking my position on children recently
32. I think David Lindsay-Abaire is a genius and is, BY FAR, my favorite playwright.
33. "Side Show" is and will probably always be my favorite musical
34. The best baritone I've ever heard in my life is Kevin Earley
35. I run a website for him
36. The best female musical performer I've ever heard is Julie Dixon Jackson
37. I run a website for her
38. My dog Sydney is the child I don't have
39. I've taught her to stretch on command
40. I have a ton of frequent flier miles for all different airlines that don't quite add up to free trips right now
41. I wish I could combine them...
42. I grew up and was raised in Hawaii
43. The only time I didn't live in Hawaii was the 5 years I lived in Santa Barbara for college
44. I have a degree in photography
45. I used to work for a photography studio a friend owned
46. I started working at the bank as a temporary job when my friend decided to close the studio
47. I kept telling myself that it was a temporary job and that I'd leave in 6 months
48. It's been 8 years and I'm still there...
49. I'm an investment advisor at the bank
50. I don't like my job
51. I like all my customers, though and really like the people I work with, so that helps
52. The first time I traveled to see a celebrity was Paul Anthony Stewart in 1999
53. The last time I watched a soap opera was two years ago
54. I still faithfully go to a message board for a soap star, even though I don't watch the soap anymore and have no interest in the actor just to see and catch up with my friends online.
55. I don't like chat rooms
56. I love Chinese food!
57. My maid of honor at my wedding was my best friend and my first college roommate
58. Although it's hard to remember all of it, my wedding was one of the happiest days of my life
59. The first time I ever had an online friend visit me and stay at my house (for 10 days) was in May of last year
60. I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon...
61. People think my friend Susan and I are twins
62. I value opinions of all sorts
63. I can't stand people who are closed-minded
64. The thing that first attracted me to Mark was his sense of humor
65. My favorite places to visit are NYC and LA
66. I LOVE to travel
67. As much as I love traveling, I HATE to fly
68. I adore sushi
69. But I hate raw fish (blech!)
70. I like to travel with my Mom
71. My Mom is truly my best friend
72. I tell her absolutely everything (sometimes more than she'd like to know)
73. I spend a lot of time online reading Theatre Message Boards
74. I discovered the internet one weekend in 1999 when Mark was away and I was bored
75. My life has really never been the same since
76. I collect stuffed animals (Sheltie dogs only)
77. I also collect playbills of shows that I've seen
78. I recently got addicted to scrapbooking
79. We bought our house 5 years ago and we don't really know any of our neighbors
80. I was voted "Shyest" in High School
81. Mark is a "Mac" man and I'm a PC girl
82. My greatest fear growing up was that I'd disappoint my parents
83. I'm REALLY short
84. I still get carded everywhere I go
85. People think I'm 19
86. I used to be annoyed, but I haven't minded it too much recently :)
87. I've been on numerous blind dates
88. None of them successful
89. I met Mark in the Jaycees
90. My most rewarding experience was the year I was President of my chapter of the Jaycees
91. The best feeling was finally retiring from the Jaycees early this year (Woo! Freedom!)
92. I tend to get bored very easily and always have to be doing something
93. I can watch the DVD of "1776" over and over and NEVER get tired of it... :)
94. I miss taking photos
95. I miss living in California
96. We STILL haven't filed our taxes yet
97. One of the neatest moments the entire NYC trip was exchanging pleasantries with John Cullum outside of "Urinetown" (WOW)
98. I adore the Foster family (Sutton and Hunter!)
99. I believe people are generally good at heart,...until they prove me wrong
100. After reading through this list, I guess I'm a pretty boring person

I'd love to read all of your lists of a 100 Things - or even a list of 50... :)
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