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Wow... just put three business training trips in the budget proposal next year for me! :) One to Vacaville, CA, one to the West Coast Compliance Conference and one to Philadelphia! I love my job! :) It hasn't gotten approved through senior management yet, but how nice of them to offer to send me. :)

Speaking of traveling, I bought my tickets last night to Julie and Nick's new show "Side By Side"! I couldn't believe it but tickets only went on sale last night and I was already having such trouble getting seats for opening weekend - all the orchestra seats were sold out! What great news for them! :) Woo hoo for Julie and Nick! :)

And UGH - I have to face one of my greatest fears tomorrow. :P I HATE public speaking! :P I always get tongue tied and shy, my hands break out in a strange sweat and I'm barely able to put intelligible sentences together. :( I have to speak at a meeting that we're having for our Reps tomorrow - and although there won't be that many people there, the reps themselves are quite an intimidating bunch. I used to be much worse at public speaking and I do admit that the Jaycees have helped me a lot with that (Yay for being forced to have to emcee conventions!) :) but I still hate it. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow and I won't end up looking like a complete fool. :P

And I did the jeans exchange thing today at Macy's during lunch (the bring in a pair of worn jeans for charity and get a $10 discount off a new pair). It's a great idea, but I'd forgotten how much I hate shopping for jeans! It might be because there's absolutely no way that I'd ever find a pair of jeans that fits me right. But being the eternal optimist, I always go in to my shopping trips thinking that it will finally be the time I'll actually find a pair that I love - but it never happens. :P And what's with all the low waistlines recently? I may be old fashioned but for someone my age, showing my hips is just not the greatest of ideas anymore. :P

Off to gather the hubby for the workout video. :P
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