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What a wonderful weekend!

I'm finally home from my trip to LA and I'm so happy to see that people posted their list of a 100 things (Woo hoo Adam and Barbara!) :) I'm slowly making my way through all the LJ entires that I missed, but I wanted to drop in and recap a bit of my trip before I forget (old age, you know...) :)


OMG....OMG, I LOVED "Carousel"! And I think I learned two very important things this weekend...

1. Never EVER buy single tickets down in front during a Saturday matinee at Cabrillo between subscribers...

2. Any performer who can stop a show with almost deafening applause after singing "Soliloquy" with a piece of pound cake stuck in his throat is my hero. :)

I saw "Carousel" three times this past weekend and loved it! Kevin Earley was a wonderful Billy Bigelow and it was so wonderful to see Marina & her Mom, Laura, and Bobbie again. Aside from a few audience problems, the weekend was spectacular!

I hesitate to mention the Saturday matinee since it basically turned into a test of my patience... I'm a pretty easy going person and don't get riled very easily, but I would've had to have been a literal saint to put up with the people around me in the audience that day. :( The lady sitting next to me slept through the entire second half of the first act and snored VERY loudly through Kevin's "Soliloquy". The guy on the other side of me was so annoyed at someone behind him who was rustling cellophane that he kept turning around to tell them to stop - which was louder and more annoying to me than the cellophane. :( AND if that wasn't enough (and by gosh, it should be!!) he started singing along in the second act! UGH! I was so annoyed, it was hard for me to fully enjoy the show.

But Kevin was amazing - especially on Saturday night when it seemed something overtook him and his voice was fuller and stronger than I'd ever heard it. Marina & her Mom, Laura and Bobbie were there with me that night and they were blown away... To give you an idea of how different my two groups of friends are... I sat between them and during intermission, I turned to Marina and her Mom who were compairing Kevin's version of "Soliloquy" to John Raitt's (who was supposed to have been in the audience that night) - when I turned the other way, Bobbie and Laura were talking about what a great kisser Kevin was on stage. Uh....very different conversations, but both entertaining nonetheless. :)

On Sunday, I felt that Kevin was holding back a little. I noticed he coughed two or three times during the course of "Soliloquy" and his voice wasn't as strong as it was on Saturday night. I later found out from him that it was because the bite of pound cake he had taken at the beginning of the song was so dry that it had gotten stuck in his throat. :( He said he looked over to the musical director (after he took the bite) - who had her hands poised ready to start up the orchestra again, and she paused and looked at him like, "You gonna swallow?" He said he couldn't swallow and if he did he knew he'd be coughing for the next 5 minutes or so. So he sang his gorgeous 8 minute solo with the pound cake stuck in his throat. :( AND even then, got an ovation at the end that you wouldn't believe (and no one could tell) - now THAT'S talent. :)

Talked with him a bunch after the show about the website that his brother Dave is making for him. I finally admitted to him that I was worried about it and he re-assured me that Dave's site was a strict resume site and only for casting directors and producers - not really for fans. And I felt a little better after that.

The cutest thing that happened on Sunday was when the little girl who played the smallest "Snow" child (who must've been 5 or 6) passed by with her Mom on her way home. Kevin smiled and waved to her, "Bu-bye Fuzzy Slippers," he said in the sweetest voice you could imagine. When I turned around to look, she was wearing these big pink bunny slippers. It was adorable. And I must say, to hear Kevin speak so tenderly to a child was very heart-warming. "I finally got her to stop being afraid of me," Kevin said after she had gone.

I just looked at him, "She's afraid of you?"

Justin (the guy who played Enoch in the show) was standing around with us and said, "Yeah, well he yells a lot on stage...not at her...but, you know...near her."

Kevin shrugged, "I yell at people, I kill myself, I die...of course she's going to be afraid of me..." :) Yeah, well I was kind of afraid of Kevin too the first time I met him so I don't necessarily blame her... :)

I talked with him a bunch more about things I can't seem to recall right now - but I knew he had to get out of there if he was going to make it down to LA in time to see Julie's (his Julie) dress rehearsal. So I made my exit. He gave me a hug, thanked me for coming, and told me to have a safe trip back. It was a nice talk and I felt like myself around him for the first time since "Spitfire Grill". :)

It was a great weekend and so wonderful to see everyone...oops, did I mention I saw twicebornjoy on Sunday at the stage door? And I have to say that thanks to Bobbie and her ahem...dirty mind...I'll never be able to listen to "June is Bustin' Out All Over" in quite the same way again. :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend! :) I'm off to sleep & update Kevin's site. :)
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