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Oh my goodness...

My apologies in advance - a Ticketmaster rant ahead... :P

On August 28th I purchased three tickets to "Ten Commandments." The lady I spoke with over the phone was not the friendliest, but she did give me a confirm number and took down all my information including a contact number and email address. The conversation ended with me confirming the order and asking what the total charge would be to my Am Ex card. She told me, I thanked her and the call ended...

Well, today I looked at my Am Ex statement online and saw that the charge for the tickets were reversed! I went to the Kodak Theatre web site thinking that the run for "Ten Commandments" might've been shortened - but it wasn't. So I called Ticketmaster and found that the operator I had spoken with canceled my ticket order - saying that I told her that I wanted to cancel it the day I called to purchase it! :P WHY would I do that?

Luckily the new person I spoke with today was very nice and she helped me get the same seats back, but no one notified me of the cancellation... And my tickets were being held at will call - so I didn't expect them to arrive (and didn't think anything was odd that they hadn't...) What if I flew all the way to LA thinking I had tickets, went to the theatre that night, to find that the order was canceled? ARGH!

As I've always said, I am not a fan of Ticketmaster at ALL... unfortunately they hold the monopoly on most of my ticket buying for the shows I want to see. Aside from all of that they charge a $12.75 per ticket convenience fee (what convenience can come from them randomly canceling my order?) :P

Sorry, vent over - I'm just glad that things actually worked out and I was still able to get my seats. I thanked the lady I spoke with today and told her she'd been wonderful - I knew it wasn't her fault that the other incident occurred. But this whole thing does NOTHING to help raise my image of Ticketmaster in general. GRR! :P

I'm off to look for Marvin. Thanks for indulging me in my rant. :P
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