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A bittersweet, animal filled day

Mark & I went down to the local humane society to look for a friend's cat (Marvin) who had been taken there last week. The good news was that we didn't see him there in any of the cat houses and there were cats with tags that were older than a week. I think it's a good sign that Marvin was adopted. :) I hope he's with a family who will treat him well. :)

While we were there we took a look at some of the kittens. Mark had always been against the idea of getting a cat since he's never had one before. I grew up with cats and love them like I love dogs. :) It was really nice to see Mark warm up to the cats that we saw there. Surprisingly, he told me later that getting a cat down the road might not be such a bad idea. :)

We also took a look at the dogs while we were there and I got really attached to a little puppy that I saw sleeping in his cage. He was SO cute that if he didn't have an "adopted" tag on his cage (which he did), I would've been begging Mark to take him home. How could someone turn in a sweetheart of a puppy like that to the humane society?

Our visit there was pretty bittersweet. It was so nice and heartwarming to see so many families and little children excitedly taking their newly adopted pets home, but it was also so sad to see how many of them were left. :( I always get so sad when I leave the humane society. :( Mark & I are volunteers there (only for special events), but we could never work on site - it would just be too heartbreaking to see all those lonely pets left at the end of the day. :(

And when I got home Sydney couldn't stop sniffing me. Even as I tried to walk up the stairs, she wouldn't take her nose off of me... Yes, I cheated on her - I pet another dog. :P The trip to the humane society also made me extremely thankful for Sydney and the fact that she's in our lives.

I'm off to grab a shower and hug my dog. Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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