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A post from hubbaswuba... me thinking. When I first started my LJ almost two years ago, the majority of my friends were people I'd never encountered in RL, as time went on the percentages for me changed a lot... So I was wondering, what percentage of your friends' list are people that you knew before LJ? What percentage are people you met online, but have met in person?

For me, I only knew six people on my friends list in RL prior to LJ:

  • fooj Of course! :D
  • gigglets - I met Pat online (on a Chad Brannon message board), but I was traveling with her long before she got a LJ.
  • lctheatrebabe - I met Lauren online on my Kevin board - but I got to meet her in person when I saw Kevin perform at North Shore Music Theatre in MA. :)
  • mdelrey - I also met Marina on my Kevin message board, but I actually met her in person several years ago at a Kevin concert :) - and have seen her for many Kevin shows since. :)
  • niwrad2180 - I used to work with Darwin and I was the one who convinced him to get a LJ. :)
  • smittenbyu - I met Smitha through the Jaycees. :) It was just fate that I ran across her LJ one day. :)

The seven friends I've been lucky enough to meet since getting a LJ:

  • broadway_rose - I met Meredyth at Millie, and then at every other show we saw the entire weekend in February - yay! :D I swear I wasn't stalking you, Meredyth. :)
  • bwaystrkiki128 - I met Kayla outside of "Little Shop of Horrors" in February. :D
  • careleswhisper - Mark & I had dinner with Carrie the last time he and I were in California. :)
  • crissyj - I first met Cristin outside of "Little Shop of Horrors," but I didn't know it was her until I formally met her in "Millie" :) the next day.
  • mslauren2930 - Mark & I had lunch with Lauren at the Marriott Marquis when we were in NYC in February. :)
  • rripley - I met Roger when we went out to dinner with Carrie last year when Mark & I were in LA.
  • starstruck113 - I accidently first ran into Lauren in NYC when Pat & I went to see "Aida". I think she freaked when she heard me say her name... :P

And lastly, near misses - people I was in the same area with, would love to have met - but didn't really know it was them at the time...:(

  • beantownboy - Adam was at the final Millie performance and at the stage door - I wish I'd known it was him! :(
  • audienceawaits - I know I saw Gill at the final Millie show - I just didn't know that it was her at the time! :( I even have video of her taking a photo with Kevin. :)
  • corkystclair05 - Andrew was at the Reprise! production of "Assassins!" I wish I'd known as well. :(
  • wakedistracted - I'm sure I must've seen Karen too after the final Millie performance, since she was the one taking Gill's photo with Kevin!

What about everyone else? Have you all met a lot of your LJ friends in person?
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