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Hawaii's "Bachelor"...

I'm totally not one for reality shows, but I have to say that the talk around my office lately has been the Hawaii version of "The Bachelor" that is currently going on here. One guy (a cute 26 year old school teacher) must choose between 10 women and their experiences will be publicized through the local paper (not TV this time...)

The photos and mini-bios of all the potential women were printed in the paper on Friday and everyone at work put in their wagers on who they think he will choose. To make matters a little more interesting, a client of mine came in with his son to open a college savings account and told me that the "Bachelor" was his son's school teacher. His son went on to tell me that his teacher made the class vote to find out who they thought he should be with. Kinda cute, I think.

Apparently he met all 10 of them last night at dinner and will now have to narrow it down to just 7... We'll see I guess. In a way, I'm surprised they got 10 women from here willing to do this - since the local culture is somewhat more "private"... Oh well...
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