Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Awaiting the second print out...

...Election night is one of the few nights that I'll actually sit in front of the TV for hours. The first print out was just announced and the candidate that I voted for in the Mayoral race is ahead by 1,000 votes. This election probably won't even be decided tonight - it'll probably be taken to a run off in the general (if one candidate can't get 51% of the vote). :P

I was sad to hear that there are only about 40,000 registered voters in Hawaii and from all reports so far, voter turnout has been very low this year. I guess a lot of people feel that the primary election isn't important, even though it could determine offices like Mayor and Prosecutor... :P We were really sad to see the polling place so empty when Mark & I went to vote this morning. :( And a lot of people were having problems with the ballot. Two or three people in front of me actually had to re-vote because they voted for one person on each of the various "party" ballots. :P I know it wasn't really explained, but it wasn't that hard to figure out that you can't vote for both a Republican AND a Democratic candidate for the same office in the primary! :P

In non-election news, we're still managing to keep up our healthy diets - which really surprises me. :) Mark hasn't had fast food in a couple of months and hasn't had the need to slather mayo or butter on anything - I'm so proud of him! :) I'm still on my fruit and vegetable kick and bought a pineapple today from the market (and spent the better part of the afternoon trying to cut it) :P. Even though I live in Hawaii, I rarely (if ever) eat pineapple because it's such a pain to cut. :P I decided to prepare it with Li Hing Mui powder - which I love - it makes a terrific snack. :)

I'm off to see if the second print outs have come out... Hope you all have a nice evening. :)

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