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06 April 2003 @ 01:33 pm
I just came back from a couple of markets...  
...and amazing how hard it is to find halfway decent produce in Hawaii. :( All I wanted was fresh - it didn't have to be spectacular or anything - I could've lived with fresh. The market that I usually go to right across the street had disgusting produce, so Mark & I had to drive all the way to another more expensive market... :( Can't we get a good market here? Like a Trader Joe's or something?

I guess I have to remember the whole daylight savings time thing when I go into work tomorrow - I must remind myself that the stock market closes at 10am our time and not 11am like it had been... I'm not sure I fully understand the whole concept of daylight savings time - we've never had it here and all it seems to do is give me greater jet lag when I travel... :P

And I've been trying to save money - but, really, surfing theatre message boards does nothing to help me in that respect. :( Just found out that Seth's Chatterbox video tapes are FINALLY available through mail order - so I went over to the site and ordered 3 tapes... Kerry Butler from her "Bat Boy" days, Sutton Foster, and Kerry Butler from "Hairspray"... Ah... so much money to have spent in the span of just 3 minutes, but it's for a great cause and the tapes should be fabulous. I had to restrain myself from buying the Emily Skinner tape - which was pretty hard (and I had to NOT bookmark the page or I'd probably go back in to order it...) I'm pathetic...
Sheri: Kevin2shutterbug93 on April 7th, 2003 10:11 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Safeway usually has the best selection of vegetables - I miss working at my old branch on Beretania right next to the Safeway - that was great. I've never been to the Palama Supermarket, but Mark works in that area - maybe I'll try to get him to stop by one day on his way home from work. :)

And meats in Chinatown (don't forget to stare at the giant severed pig heads in the glass cases on the way).

LMAO! That's one of the reasons I used to be a vegetarian! ;)

Thanks for your suggestions! :)