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In the "Amusing, yet slightly irritating" department...

Something I found this morning... HERE. Now I know I may not be a total internet whiz, but the comments that this webmaster found and put up, I think, were taken from... MY SITE (Scroll to the "Follies" reviews) Now, I don't think I'm being paranoid or anything - because there are several distinct things that make me positive that it was just copied and pasted from my site... Not really a big deal since I don't technically own the quotes that I used, just sort of amusing. Couldn't they have at least used them in a different order or typed them differently so I wouldn't know?

Oh well...

Mark absolutely loved the "Law & Order" DVD set that I got him for Christmas and has already watched the first three discs. :) And I must say that he gave me the best possible present... tickets to see Kevin's show in February. :) And Susan got me (she knows me only too well...) a Sheltie calendar and a GC to Scrapbook clubhouse, which I almost used today. Mostly everyone else I know got me GCs for the mall knowing, I guess, that the best possible gift I could get this Christmas is the gift of shopping. :D Also got a bunch of money from the folks to add to the "NYC trip fund", which is always nice since all the show tickets are so darn expensive!

Tomorrow I have to go to book-judging (which is a year end judging of project books) for the Jaycees. I've actually quit the Jaycees, however my term in office doesn't technically expire until January 1st, 2003 - so I'm still bound to my Executive Committee position for another 4 days. I really wouldn't be going to this if anyone else was asking, but since Craig is running it, I thought I probably should be helping out. It runs from 7 am - 4:30 pm (kinda like a work day) and basically all we have to do as state officers is be there to ensure that the judging is done correctly (tabulate the total scores, etc) I foresee a LOOOONG day ahead... I'm bringing my scrapbook stuff with me because for the first half of the judging there's absolutely nothing to do but sit around and wait for the books to be judged... I might as well put my time to good use - maybe I'll even be able to finish Sydney's puppy album. :)

BTW, Pat just got a LJ! Woohoo! :) Welcome, Pat!

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