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Sydney's on a diet - like the rest of us. :P

We took Sydney to the vet today for her annual check up and were a little shocked when the receptionist handed us a survey to fill out because Sydney is now considered a "senior pet." Honestly, I still think of her as a puppy - and I can't imagine that seven years have gone by since we got her. We were also told that she gained about three pounds since her last vet visit...Ooops! :P So they gave us some "extra low calorie" food samples to take with us and told us that Sydney needed to go on a diet. :P Poor doggie will have to join us in our low-cal diet from now on - she's lost her girlish figure. ;)

In non-doggie news, I finally made an appointment to get my hair done. :) It's like pulling teeth to get me to go to the hairdresser - I hate it so much. :P The funny thing is that when I'm there, I always vow to go on a more regular basis... but, of course, I never do. So I'm always embarrassed when I have to face my hairstylist with my long dark roots. :P If I were daring enough, I'd try to dye it myself, but I don't think I am, at least not right now. :)

And finally, I can't believe that it was exactly three years ago yesterday that I started Kevin's web site. :) A lot has happened in three years and working on his site has taken me to such wonderful places like LA and NYC too many times to mention. :) Kevin himself has changed so much through the years that I've known him, getting much more serious about his career in the last two and a half years. I've loved every minute of running his site - there have been ups and downs (like anything, I suppose) but through it all, I wouldn't have traded my experiences for anything! :)

And as a side note, Dave renewed the domain name for another year. :) Woo hoo! :D

Hope you all have a nice evening - I'm off to try to pull the hubby away from the TV and force encourage him to exercise. ;)
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