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Picture taking & packing for LA! :)

Today was a pretty busy day. Most of the morning was spent taking our annual Christmas card photo at the nearby park. It's always kind of a hassle for us - but every year we gather Sydney and we head down to the beach or park somewhere to take our Christmas card photo. Sydney actually enjoyed herself this year and was even able to pay attention and pose for a few of the photos. :) We got them back and are still deciding which one to order, but here's one we chose not to use.

We also spent most of the day packing for our LA trip (and Mark's starting to have his usual travel stress again.) :P It's not too bad right now, but I suspect by Monday night he'll be downstairs just staring into space like he usually does before we leave on one of our trips. :P

I'm such a horrible packer, though - I always pack WAY too much! Pat (gigglets) and I always used to have contests to see who could pack the lighter bag. She and I really never learned the meaning of the term "packing light." :P Luckily with the 50 lb. limitation for suitcases on most airlines now, it's altered my packing for the better. I just have to keep reminding myself the more I pack, the less shopping I can do up there. :P If that isn't incentive, I don't know what is. :)

Of course, packing is never complete without our fuzzy dog getting into and sniffing everything we pack. :)

"Can I come to LA with you? Please?"

Found a great video clip of Kevin as a teenage Ramses in "Ten Commandments" on a Val Kilmer web page. And just as a note, he HAS been working out - it's fairly obvious from seeing the video. ;) WOW! Please check it out if you can - it sure beats the less than flattering photo that was recently posted in Playbill.Com of Kevin. He looks incredible in the video! :)

I'm off to get more packing done, hope you're all having a nice Sunday! :)

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