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I think I watched more TV today...

...than I have in the past 3 months combined. What exactly possessed me to sit in front of the TV with Mark and waste away my day watching "I Love The 80's" on VH-1 I will never know. Brought back some pretty funny and admittedly embarrassing memories, though. I admitted to Mark that when I was 14 I did think that Bruce Springsteen was pretty hot - that I actually listened to Pat Benatar music, I used to watch the "Facts of Life" pretty religiously, and that I too had "big hair". All things considered, it's probably best to leave the 80's exactly where they are - in the past... but it was a funny reminder of just what a dork I used to be. :)

The Jaycees are having their big state convention this weekend and it feels weird to not have to go...kind of liberating in a way - though I don't seem to be filling my "away from Jaycee" time with anything really productive. I'm thinking I'll just watch the UH Men's Volleyball game on TV tonight and do a little work on Kevin and Julie's sites...

Hmmm...Sam Choy is on Emeril...maybe I'll watch that and then work on the web sites. :) I can't believe what a couch potato I've turned into lately!
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