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Finally home, Kevin, and Chad Brannon? ;)

Yay! I finally made it home! No more 20 cent a minute internet usage on Kinkos computers. ;) I love traveling, but 2 weeks was a little long to be away from home. :P When Mark picked me up at the airport and I saw the fuzzy dog sitting in the back seat, I knew that I'd been away too long - it was the nicest sight I could've seen. :) Since coming home, Sydney's been following me closely around the house (never lets me out of her sight) and whines whenever I go somewhere she can't. :( I've missed them SO much, it's just so nice to be home! :)

It was a great two weeks, though and even if I've been doing sporadic updates from various Kinkos in CA, I wanted to quickly mention some great moments these past two weeks before I forget.

This was probably nicest surprise of the entire trip for me. I was waiting at the stage door for Kevin after yesterday's matinee of "Ten Commandments" when I turned around and who should I see, but Chad Brannon. :) He saw me, and came up to give me a huge hug. "Sheri, oh my gosh! It's so nice to see you again!" he said in his usual warm tone. It was little surreal to see him there, and all that was going through my mind was, "What're you doing here?" Apparently his friend had an extra ticket to the show and only after flipping through the playbill did he realize Kevin was in it. :) We talked for a bit and did a bit of catching up since we hadn't seen each other since NYC in November three years ago. It was so nice to see him! He's still very much the sweetheart he's always been and said he's been happy since leaving "General Hospital" six months ago. He's gone back to school to get his degree and generally looks more at peace with himself than I've ever seen him.

We talked about a bunch of things including what a wonderful stage presence Kevin has as we waited for him to come out of the stage door. He also teased me about knowing that it was probably me who was cheering for Kevin ("I heard it and thought - that sounds like Sheri" he told me) :P Damn, what a bad thing it is when even Chad teases me about my curtain call cheering. ;)

Kevin was really surprised to see Chad too. They spent some time talking and even posed for a photo for me for Kevin's site. :) It was just SO nice to see him again! After all, Chad was the one who introduced me to Kevin three years ago and if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even know who Kevin was. That was possibly the nicest surprise all weekend. :D

Chad Brannon and Kevin after the Saturday, Oct 16th matinee

Kevin was wonderful as always and we spent some time talking about everything from Julie's episode of "Alias" to Dave's dog, to his recent weight loss. He said he lost 15 pounds and two pants sizes since June. I asked him what kind of diet he was on and he said he just cut out sugar and bread. I asked him, "Just sugar and bread and you lost all that weight?" He laughed and said, "I used to eat A LOT of sugar!" I told him that it was probably a bad idea to get him the Big Island Candies for opening night and he said, "No! They were a great idea! I just had to spread them out and couldn't eat them all at once." :)

We also talked about the new ending that he directed for "Ten Commandments" (Bets Malone was nice enough to tell me before the show that Kevin was asked to direct an alternate ending - which I thought was better than the ending I'd seen the week before.) We also talked about his family and for the first time he talked about his Dad, who I'd never really seen (though I've seen his Mom at numerous shows) :)

He's always so generous with his time and even stayed behind to talk with me for a bit, when he had Julie, Chinese food, and the game waiting for him at home between shows. I felt bad and didn't want to keep him, but he kept saying he lived only 10 minutes away. He's just the best! :)

I have a lot of pictures of the weekend that I wanted to post, but I think I'll have to do that tomorrow and I should head downstairs and spend some quality time with my family who I've missed SO much while I was away! Thank you to everyone for making me feel less homesick throughout my trip! Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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