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Catching up!

When I came home from work today I noticed that Sydney had gotten into some food that I had in my carry-on bag. :[ The bag wasn't open when I left, so I assume that she nosed the zipper open to get to it. :P Luckily she only ended up eating a couple of Special K bars and not something worse, like chocolate. :P Sometimes she's just a little too resourceful for our own good. :P

I'm slowly making headway at work and the "to do" pile on my desk and on the floor is slowly beginning to go down. Even at home, I've been able to catch my breath a tiny bit. I updated Kevin's site with photos, finally caught up and answered a few delinquent emails that I've been meaning to get to, and was even able to make it to the market so there could actually be real food in our refrigerator. :P Now if I could just get to all my laundry, I'll be ahead of the game. ;)

My boss' birthday is tomorrow so we're ordering lunch and having a big surprise party for her. It's so funny because we're all so bad at lying that we can never really keep our parties a surprise. :P She has no idea we're planning anything, but I guarantee that halfway through the day someone will blow it and she'll find out. ;) I'm not complaining though, since the ability to lie well is NOT an asset in our line of work. :P

In non-work news, that reporter who stopped me outside the polling place yesterday did end up quoting me in an article that appeared in the paper today (I'm the one mentioned all the way at the end). I can't believe I was the only one who wouldn't disclose who I voted for. I have no idea why I've always been so secretive of my voting choices, but I am. :P

And finally, because it's already the 21st where she lives (or possibly already the 22nd), I just wanted to send out warm birthday wishes to intootje! Hope your day was wonderful, Kati! :D
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