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Trying to get back on track. :P

Of all the things that I've had to do since I've been back, the thing that's been the hardest for me has been getting back on my diet! :( I've strayed from it SO much during the two weeks that I was away that it seems almost impossible to get back. :P And I've noticed that I've gained a little weight back since coming home. I blame it, in part, to the parties and food we've been having at work recently - plus I'm such an emotional eater and stress causes me to eat a lot! :P To add to it, with all the things I've had to do around the house, I haven't had time to do the work out video once since coming home. :{ I really have to get back on track. :P

While I was away, I had to send a few boxes of my things home since everything I bought didn't fit into my suitcase (yes, I went a little overboard with the shopping.) :P I sent the first box home from Palm Springs and it still hasn't arrived yet - I must've sent it the cheapest way - by boat. Hopefully it comes soon since Julie Jackson's new headshots are in it and I want to work on her site! :(

I can't believe at this time last weekend, I was still in LA getting ready to see "Ten Commandments" for the 3rd time. It feels like it was SO long ago. :P As much as the reviews have been knocking the music in this show, I can't seem to get one of the songs, "Horns of Jericho," out of my head. I also finally got around to scanning the show's program and used one of my favorite serious photos of Kevin to make my new icon above. *SIGH* :)

Speaking of which, I thought this was cute. alligatorandme has probably already seen this, but I thought I'd link it anyway because it was such a cute quote:


In an article about Anne Tate Wilkerson Ippolito, the dresser for "Millie." :)

When an actor left the role of Mr. Trevor Graydon and a new one filled the part, Ippolito had to re-tailor her approach. The character, who is the show's big-dealing businessman and one of Ippolito's assigned principal actors, was formerly played by Ben Davis, who took a role in La Boheme in Los Angeles. Kevin Earley subsequently slid into the role of Graydon. "Ben was an opera singer," Ippolito recalls. "He used to say 'I don't want to be seen in my skivvies.'" On the other hand, the less bashful Earley assured Ippolito that he was "'an open door type of guy.'"

Haha! :)

Hope you all have a nice evening! I'm off to try to update Kevin's site (but sleep might be the more inviting option... We'll see) :)

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