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Because I'm not just about work. ;)

First of all, the Lea Salonga concert:

It was nice to see such a huge crowd there, I was really surprised how quickly her shows sold out. We had mid range orchestra seats and what surprised me was the amount of cameras I saw in the audience. I couldn't believe that people thought it was okay to snap flash pictures during the performance when there was a "no flash photography" announcement at the beginning of the show. :P That and the cell phones that rang in the middle of her performance really annoyed me. :P

The concert itself was good. I love Lea's voice and she sang a lot of ballads which really emphasized her vocal range. She sang songs from "Les Mis," "Miss Saigon," "Guys & Dolls," and "Chess." What was probably even nicer than hearing her sing was listening to the variety of stories she told between songs. She's hilarious and VERY outspoken (and even commented about the annoying cell phone) ;) What I wish her show contained was a wider variety of songs. She sang a lot of ballads (which I loved) but nothing that really changed in tempo that much. Her show was fabulous nonetheless.

And as a side note to the wonderful show - who else but Lea would send her band backstage for a break during intermission, but stay onstage to answer questions for the audience? She left the stage briefly to go to the restroom, but was back in two minutes. She was quite personable and very funny. I was VERY impressed with her whole demeanor. :)

In non-Lea concert news, my box that I sent home from Palm Springs has finally arrived! :D The bad news is that I still don't have it yet. :P They delivered it while we weren't home and left a slip telling us to pick it up at our neighborhood post office. :P At least I know it didn't get lost on its way home. :)

Speaking of such, my Mom is currently living it up (probably) in Japan. :) She left last week Thursday on a trip there with my aunties. Mark & I have been to her house to water her plants and tend to her garden, and I have to go back there tomorrow. I'm hoping that I don't kill her plants - the last time she was on an extended vacation and I had to care for her yard, I didn't do so well. I think her plants missed her - or (quite possibly) I have the world's worst luck with plants (remember I didn't do so well with my former co-workers plant while she was on vacation either). :( Hopefully there will be something left of her yard for her to come home to next week.

And finally, Mark & I actually decided to start up our exercise routine again. After a month of not exercising and eating poorly, we finally attempted to get back into our routine. Needless to say, we paid for it today! Muscles that I didn't even know I had ached :P and I swear the exercise routine got longer and more difficult from just a month ago. ;P Hopefully we'll both be able to get out of bed tomorrow. ;P

Hope you all have a nice evening. My thanks again for all of your wonderful comments and words of advice in my last post. :) I appreciate it more than you all know! *HUGS* to everyone! :)
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