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Well, great... now I'm teary eyed...

...Okay, so the University of Hawaii Men's V-ball team beat USC (not too much of a surprise), but what was really touching to see was the "Senior Night" festivities after the game. Since it was the last regular season home game, the four seniors who are graduating at the end of the season were thanked in front of the 6,000 or so screaming fans in stadium. It was so touching to see the gratitude and the love that our community has for our college athletes. The 4 men were given leis, a plaque from the university and countless ovations from the crowd. They were crying, the audience was crying, their teammates were crying... it was very touching to see.

I've seen other college teams play their final home games before but I've never seen anything quite as touching as the good-byes I've seen in Hawaii. Maybe it's because we don't have professional teams to cheer for, that we love our college teams so much... maybe it's because the games are televised so much that we grow to adore the members of our college teams... whatever the case, college sports in Hawaii is something truly special and seeing moments like tonight (which isn't over yet...the players will stay and the crowd will present them with leis, letters, and gifts into the late hours of the night...) are just so heart-warming to see. One of the reasons I love living in Hawaii so much... :)
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