Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Audit blahs & contagious disease worries :P

Not the best title that I could come up with for a post, but it's pretty accurate to describe the Monday that I've had. :P My OSJ audit is this week and it's going horribly. I knew I was in for a bad week when the auditor took me aside early yesterday morning and told me that he'd already found a few deficiencies in things that he thought were really standard. Blah. That and his constant reminders that he's the "nice" auditor have me really worried for the rest of the week. :P

Aside from the audit, one of our bankers realized that he might have shingles - but came in to work anyway! :o He'd been having aches and pains for the past few days and recently broke out in some strange welts (that he showed everyone in the bank). :P He left to go to the doctor, but not before he infected one of our co-workers, who started to come down with similar symptoms yesterday afternoon. :(

I don't know too much about shingles, but the little that I do know tells me that if I ever had symptoms, a crowded bank would be the last place I'd go. :P I hope both of them are okay - but we did make sure that our co-worker went to the doctor before thinking about coming back to work.

And finally, I've never really thought of Julie or Kevin as being particularly political people, but I was very surprised to see these pictures. :D

Special thanks to everyone who filled out the Holiday Card poll below. :)

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