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Finally some good news to post about! :)

Remember that CIW Exam that I missed by two questions last week? Well, I took it again this morning and passed! :D WOO HOO!! :) I think that I didn't want to mention it here at all for fear that I'd fail again and be too embarrassed to write about it. :P Thank you SO much to everyone who has been so supportive of me through this silly exam thing last week. :) It's finally over! :) Now on to reading and preparing for my darn Series 53 for work. :P

In more good news, Stephanie (Julie Ann's cousin) found a trailer for Julie's new movie "Hitch" (with Will Smith) that'll be premiering in February. :) It looks like a great movie and I have to say, Julie looks spectacular in it. :) I'm really not one to go to see movies, in fact, to give you an idea of how "anti-movie" I've been, I haven't seen a movie in the theater since "Attack of the Clones". :P But this is one movie that I'll have to see - if only to see Julie's big film debut. :)

This weekend was supposed to be our getaway weekend. We'd planned on either going to the neighbor island or the Hyatt for the weekend, but because I re-scheduled my exam today we decided to stay home and go out for a simple dinner tomorrow night to celebrate our anniversary. :) To me, it doesn't really matter what we do, just as long as we're able to spend time together. :) We travel at other times throughout the year so staying home with the fuzzy dog will be a nice, relaxing way to celebrate six years together. :)

Hope you're all having a nice weekend. :)
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