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First of all, I wanted to thank you all for your sweet anniversary wishes in my last post. I know that I always say it, but I have to mention it again - I have the best LJ friends around! Big *HUGS* to all of you! :)

Mark & I ended up having a nice, relaxing anniversary at home. Mark loved the XBox I got him and spent the day playing Topspin (which came with the unit) just to see how the graphics looked. :) And I have to say, Mark knows me VERY well and got me the perfect gift - two tickets to see any musical of my choice. :) Woo hoo! :)

Instead of going to someplace really fancy for dinner, we wanted to go somewhere that we enjoyed, where we didn't have to dress up or drive really far to get to... So we agreed that a dinner at California Pizza Kitchen would be perfect. We love the food there and even though it's right next door to my workplace, I hardly ever go there. So we abandoned our diets for one night and had salads, an appetizer, pizza, and dessert! :) Not the fanciest of places, but very enjoyable nonetheless. All in all it was a really wonderful anniversary! :)

On a much different note, today we all got sent home early from work because the air conditioning in our office was completely broken. :P It went from being incredibly stuffy to downright disgusting at about noon and although they brought in many fans to circulate the air, the lack of any type of ventilation AND today being one of the hottest days we've had here in weeks - certainly didn't make our work place very pleasant. :P People in our office were starting to feel faint, getting headaches from all the heat, and were just generally in a grouchy mood - so our boss sent everyone home at 3:30pm.

On the chance that the AC won't be fixed by tomorrow, we were instructed that it was "casual" day - which I'm certainly not complaining about. :) Any day that deviates from the traditional business attire is a very nice change for us. :) So with casual day tomorrow and a holiday on Thursday, the week is looking like it won't be too bad after all. :)

Hope you all have a nice evening! I'm off to gather the fuzzy dog and go back to studying. :P

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