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25 November 2004 @ 09:40 pm
UGH... Ate too much. Must sleep. :P  
Well, Mark & I just got back from one of our biggest eating fests in a long time. My uncle kept piling the food on our plates and even after we'd eaten dessert, brought ice cream to us (I've always remembered him as the "ice cream uncle" growing up because he worked for Meadow Gold and would always serve such great ice cream treats whenever we visited him). When we said we couldn't eat another bite, he gave us a bunch of things to take home with us - looks like we'll be eating yummy left overs for days!

Woke up early this morning to see the Macy's parade. :) I was pretty disappointed because I tuned in too late on NBC and I missed seeing Cheyenne Jackson with his new blonde hair. :( Then I didn't tune in late enough to see Hunter perform (which is probably the only way I'll get to see him in "The Producers") on CBS. :( I did see John Tartaglia get interviewed by those ridiculous people commenting on the parade on CBS. :P Poor John couldn't work any of his Rod humor into the show, because (judging by the comments of that male commentator), he didn't know that Rod was supposed to be gay and coming on to him (what the heck was that comment he made about Rod possibly dating Lucy anyway?) :P On the upside, John was simply gorgeous and he definitely was the highlight of that telecast! The other performances were so-so at best. :( And I have to say, I REALLY miss Donna Murphy in "Wonderful Town"! :(

On a non-musical note, Mark is one of the lucky few who actually has the day off tomorrow. :) I'm happy for him since he rarely gets holidays (and he's usually upset that I get all the Federal holidays and he doesn't get any of them). Hopefully it'll be a slow day tomorrow and I can actually get caught up and maybe even clean my desk for a change. :P

And finally, Mark brought home his parents' old iMac. He's going to clean it up since my in-laws wanted to give it to my Mom to tool around with. We'd previously given my Mom Mark's old iBook - which died very shortly after we'd given it to her. :( My Mom's very technology frightened so it should be interesting when we finally do set it up for her. :)

Well, I'm off to crawl into bed. Hope that you all have a nice evening and good luck to any of you who are brave enough to attempt the shopping thing tomorrow. :)
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morsefan: Me 2morsefan on November 25th, 2004 11:49 pm (UTC)
I slept in for the first part of the parade too -- but I have much less of an excuse!

Enjoyed the last hour, though; so often I forget and miss it, but it's such an American icon. I love watching the bands perform. They are really amazing.
Sheri: Stephanie & Kate Monstershutterbug93 on November 26th, 2004 07:32 am (UTC)
I always looks forward to the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade - somehow it just isn't Thanksgiving without it. :) The main reason I love it has turned into wanting to see all the broadway performances since those who are geographically challenged (like me) can't always make it to NYC to see the latest shows and because it's one of the VERY few times that broadway shows are actually highlighted on network TV. :)

I also love seeing the bands, floats, and the traditional parade stuff too. :)
Kananigirlkananigirl on November 26th, 2004 01:04 am (UTC)
I taped the Macy's Parade and saw the Broadway stuff. I have to say I thought Bombay Dreams was reaaaaaaally intersting. The song Shakalaka Baby with Tamyra singing wasn't too bad though. As for the Brooke Shields, lipsyncing, that wasn't really good.
Sheri: John & Rodshutterbug93 on November 26th, 2004 07:38 am (UTC)
I wish I'd seen Hunter perform on CBS - because the shows they showed on NBC gave some pretty lackluster performances. :( And I have to agree - I miss Donna Murphy! :( Brooke Shields wasn't awful, but I still miss Donna Murphy all the same. :( Did you see CBS' coverage as well?
karmastyx: hearts light upkarmastyx on November 26th, 2004 11:42 am (UTC)
I didn't get a chance to catch the parade. Maybe next year.

LOL my mom packed me with leftovers too.
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on November 26th, 2004 09:00 pm (UTC)
It wasn't really that memorable this year so you really didn't miss much. :P

Everytime Mark & I took a step closer to the door, we found more things in our box to take home! ;) Leftovers are great, though - no cooking! :)
orion74 on November 26th, 2004 09:18 pm (UTC)
I know all about having a spouse who gets Federal Holidays off... ;) You actually get more than Amanda does, though. They are open on Columbus Day and something else that most banks close for... I can't remember what now, though.
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on November 27th, 2004 07:19 pm (UTC)
I'm very thankful at all the days that I have off. :) Prior to working at the bank, I used to work in retail and we had zero holidays (maybe just Christmas day) so the bank was a very nice switch! :)