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A big thank you, iPod thoughts :), and CIW what?

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you who went over to Kevin's board and posted a birthday wish to him. :) He has a matinee and evening show today and then closing night tomorrow - so he probably won't get to see the wishes until Monday - but I'm sure he'll appreciate them all! Thanks SO much! :)

This morning as I was talking with Mark about my intentions to buy an iPod, I thought it was a little strange that he kept trying to talk me out of getting the one I wanted (which is the 20 GB model). He kept saying that 4 gigs was a lot and that I probably didn't even have 5,000 songs that I'd want to put on it anyway. Then when I asked him if we could go to CompUSA to look at the iPods he said that I should wait and that I should do more research on it before I jumped in to buy one. I was a little confused - especially because this was coming from a guy who bought his new digital camera on a whim because it looked nice one day at Circuit City. :P After a lot of confusion and me not knowing why he was acting so strange, he finally gave in and told me... He'd already gotten me an iPod mini for Christmas! :) Whoa! I was shocked since he'd gotten it last week, before I'd even started to seriously consider getting one. I guess he really does know me a lot better than I thought. :)

I spent the better part of my afternoon (and evening) trying to record some things from my MDs to my computer in preparation for the iPod (and getting very frustrated in the process). :P He said that the iPod was supposed to arrive on the 8th. :) The one good thing about knowing what I'm getting for Christmas is that I don't actually have to wait until Christmas to get it. :) I have the best hubby! :)

In other news, I received my official certificate from CIW in the mail today, stating that I'm now a CIW Associate (because I passed that exam two weeks ago.) :) It was surprisingly... unofficial looking. :P It's okay though because the main thing is the knowledge I gained from taking the exam and the classes. :) I have another exam coming up in a couple of weeks and if I pass that one, I'll be a CIW Professional - whatever that means. ;)

I'm off to go back to recording my MDs. Does anyone know of a good, reasonably inexpensive program to edit audio recordings? The one I'm using right now (Dexster) is free and in its trial period, but so frustrating. :P
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