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Sadly I think I'm getting too old to be going out on a week night. :P (How depressing is that?) ;P Last night the employee only Christmas party was a lot of fun - maybe a bit too much fun, because I REALLY didn't want to get up for work this morning. ;) I remember when it didn't matter how late I stayed out the night before, I could always make it to work the next morning - but lately, I think my old age is kicking in... I was a complete mess this morning (and I didn't even drink!) :P

The party was wonderful, though - aside from the delicious food there (which we made sure that we tried) I had SO much fun seeing my old co-workers from all of my old branches! I've missed them so much and it was wonderful to get to catch up with them. :) It was a pretty big turnout - about 1,800 people from branches and departments all over the island showed up. :) Sometimes I dread going to these company parties because I'm generally shyer by nature (hey - no snickering out there!) ;), but last night was really a lot of fun, I'm so glad that I went. :)

In other holiday news, I've been spending my lunch breaks at the mall this entire week. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get any Christmas shopping done. :( I've been looking around and thinking that the perfect gift would pop up magically and I'd know instantly that I should buy it - but, unfortunately it never happens that way. :P I usually just end up walking aimlessly around the mall until my lunch hour is over. :P I think I need a new shopping strategy. ;)

And for some reason today while I was playing some of my music on iTunes, Sydney started barking uncontrollably. At first I thought that someone was outside, but then I realize that it was probably due to the music that I was playing. Does she not like Annie Golden? It seems like whenever she would sing, Sydney would start barking again. :P It could've just been a coincidence, but just to be safe, I should remember to play my "Assassins" CD only through my headphones. ;)

Hope you all have a nice evening, I'm off to play with my iPod some more study for my web exam. :P
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