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Poor Sydney dog! :(

Warning - do not read while eating breakfast, doggie detail ahead...

Oh, what a night it's been! Mark & I came home from my work's Christmas party (which we thoroughly enjoyed, but I'll go into that in another, happier post later) to find that Sydney had gotten into an entire bag of Nestle crunch chocolate candies! :(

I was so worried that I immediately called our vet's emergency 24 hour line and spoke with someone who told me to feed her and then give her a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide - which should make it come up if she had any of it left in her stomach. Poor doggie! :( We had to hold her while we squirted the hydrogen peroxide in her mouth and for the next hour or so we alternated between watching her and cleaning up after her. :( We felt so bad giving it to her, because we knew how awful it must've been and she was so trusting when we first approached her with the syringe and even sat for us. :( :(

The good news is that almost all of the chocolate was still in her stomach and it came up - the bad news, however, is that we felt so awful because she looked so forlorn and walked around for the last hour or so in utter misery. :( Luckily, we had a vet's appointment scheduled for her tomorrow anyway. It'll be good to bring her in for observation after tonight. Right now she's drinking water again - which is a good sign and she looks much better than she did about a half hour ago.

We were SO worried! Sydney's gotten into chocolate before, but has never eaten an entire bag! :P The poor doggie's been through so much tonight, I hope she feels better tomorrow. :( I'm going to lie down on the floor next to her and get some rest - I promise to catch up with all of your journals tomorrow.
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