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It's hard for me to believe it, but today marks my second anniversary of starting this LJ. :) It's been a wonderful two years, but I think the best part of this whole LJ experience has been finding and friending all of you and being able to share in your lives and your thoughts on a daily basis. :) Big *HUGS* to all of you!

Speaking of LJ friends, I was fortunate enough to meet two very special ones this afternoon! :) expressomaniac and her husband Tim are in Hawaii visiting family and it was SO nice to finally meet them! :) They were the nicest couple! Unfortunately, my lunch break was only an hour because I could've sat there and talked with Andrea all day long. :) Hopefully I'll get to see them next year when they come back to the islands. :)

My BIG boss surprised us all this morning by handing out gifts to everyone in our back office. It was such a sweet gesture since he's usually not one to show a lot of emotion. When he gave me my gift, he hugged me and told me that he appreciated what I've done for the back office and that he promised to be a better boss to me in the New Year. It was so touching that it made me a little teary. Though at times it doesn't seem like it, he really does have a good heart. :)

In happy theatre travel news, I've booked a flight for my Mom and I for NYC in January. :) The fares were about $100 less expensive than they were yesterday so I thought I'd take advantage of it. I also bought our tickets to see "Little Women" on the 13th and "Brooklyn" on the 14th (yes, I'm curious) ;). And it didn't occur to me, until I really looked at my calendar, but the trip is only about two and a half weeks away! I'm so excited! :)

In other holiday news, we got a bunch of holiday cards in the mail today! :) Special thanks to queenstacey (I loved the photo!) :), carrieh, and lctheatrebabe for the wonderful Christmas cards! :) Mark & I really appreciate all of them so much! :)

And finally, I know it's a little late, but I wanted to wish a very Happy Birthday to angeldove! I know that it isn't the 21st anymore where she lives (sorry Angela!) :(, but it's still the 21st here. :) Hope your day was wonderful! :)

I'm off to wrap my gifts. Hope you all have a wonderful evening! :)
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