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Happy Holidays to everyone! :) It was such a nice day at work, our boss let us leave as soon as the daily trades were processed (which was about 10am). :) And as much as I've complained about having to work today, it was really nice to see everyone and the work atmosphere was really laid back and festive - it was actually a joy to be there. :)

While I was at work, Mark took Sydney to the vet for her check up. :) One of the ladies there told him that of all of the Shelties that they've seen, Sydney looks the most like an ottoman. :D And really, she's right, I've always thought that Sydney looked a lot like a little walking footstool. :)

Very surprised to find an adorable photo Christmas card in the mail from Julie Jackson today. :) Her daughter Lily is growing up so much and her baby boy Becket isn't a baby anymore! It was so nice of her to think of me and send me one! She's the best! I really hope I'll be able to see her in a show when I'm in LA in February!

Speaking of Christmas cards, we also got some very lovely cards from: angeldove, angelfate (thanks for the great letter too, Chandra!) :), and curlybear. :) Thank you all so much! We loved them! :)

Tonight we're not doing anything holiday related. We're just going to spend a relaxing evening together with the fuzzy dog and maybe watch a DVD or two together. :) Tomorrow morning we have brunch at the in-laws and then dinner at my Mom's house. It should be a really nice day. :)

However you choose to spend the holidays, please be safe everyone! Big *HUGS* to you all! :)
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